Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource for radio,speakers, MP3, amps, subwoofers, box enclosures Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource
Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource
Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource  Welcome to the Internet Guide to Car Audio Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online ResourceMY ACCOUNT   
Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource
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 Loudspeaker Design Cookbook
The Loudspeaker Design Cookbook by Vance Dickanson, currently in its 6th edition, will teach you more than you ever wanted to know or even thought existed when it comes to both the art and (mostly) science of designing loudspeaker systems. You'll also find out first hand how useful that algebra you learned in high school really is. This book covers the most popular types of enclosures from the simple acoustic suspension (think old AR and Kloss designs) to ported bass reflex and bandpass designs that are so popular now. There is also a wealth of information on crossover design. Among amateur speaker builders, and even some pros, this is the one book that you just have to have on your shelf.

 How to Design and Install High Performance Car Stereo
If your are a beginner, and want to build your self an amazing audio system on your car, this is the book you need. The book provides an introductory explanation of each topic, and then it moves to more technical information, always with a reference to real world applications. With a lot of pictures , diagrams, key terms and glossary sections for each chapters, the author shows the basic principles and provides the know how. Features the following chapters: Head Units, Equalizers, Crossovers, Amplifiers, Speakers, Enclosures, Wiring for sound, Ground rules, Installations (Hands on tech). The book may look out of date, but the principles and math are still the same, maybe there should be a second edition or an update.

Car Stereo Speaker Projects Illustrated

Car Stereo Speaker Products Illustrated the moment I read the last word in the title: ILLUSTRATED. Finally a car stereo book that is completely illustrated with step by step procedures for all types of projects for cars, vans, and SUVs. I started reading this book with very little knowledge of how to build my own system, but now I feel confident enough to tackle my stereo project before me. Dan Ferguson really hit it on with this book! It's a must for any beginner car stereo enthusiasts!

The Car Stereo Cookbook

I give due credit for my outstanding audio to the "Car Stereo Cookbook". I found far more audio system information than I will ever need, but scanning through the chapters(and actually reading some) gave me the information I needed to design and install a system in my vehicle. I thought subs were only for gangsta's, but this 44 year old avid hunter now has one in my 4x4 truck, and wouldn't trade for it. Although Rumreich does get rather technical in some areas, the average handyman possessing an average dose of common sense can navigate this sea of information quite easily. Thanks Mark for this great source of "do it yourself" info!

Auto Audio

This book is so easy to read and understand. Unless you have experience, this is probably the only book available that will explain audio and car audio concepts in a language you can understand. I've read other books, and so many were frustrating because they say "Assumes some knowledge of car audio" in the intorduction. This really means "I'm not going to bother defining half of my terms so that you will be left very confused and frustrated trying to make sense of what I'm talking about." Not so with Auto Audio. I understood everything he said, and it was very useful.

How to Custom Paint & Graphics

This book has all the information you need to Custom paint your vehicle. it covered everything from the tools to the techniques. Very detailed and easy to understand with great photos to illustrate the techniques. This is a must for anyone that wants to learn how to apply a custom paint job to a vehicle.

Ultimate Airbrush Handbook (Crafts Highlights)

If I had to chose one book to learn about airbrushing, this is it! Every major aspect about airbrushing is explained clearly, from the most basic elements to very advanced techniques. Essential information concerning airbrush care and maintenance is included along with paint and accessory explanations.

Mobile Electronics Certification Program
(MECP) Basic Installer Guide

Published in 2000, this is the most complete and up-to-date study guide available for Mobile Electronics Installers planning to take the Basic Installer exam. The MECP Basic Installer Study Guide gives a thorough overview of basic electrical theory and installation technique. The Guide covers in detail the installation of auto sound systems, cellular products, auto security systems and basic navigation systems currently in the marketplace. Also included are explanations of electronic symbols, a glossary of terms, essential formulas, charts and checklists, as well as other relevant reference material.

Mobile Electronics Certification Program
(MECP) Study Guide

Designed as a supplemental text and reference for installers taking the Basic and Master Installer Mobile Electronics Certification Program (MECP) exam, the MECP Study Guide gives a thorough overview of basic electrical theory and installation technique. The Guide covers in detail the installation of auto sound systems, cellular products and auto security systems. Also included are Master Installer Notes, a glossary of terms, electronic symbols, sample test questions, essential formulas, charts and checklists, and other relevant reference material.

MECP Mobile Product Specialist Study Guide

Designed as a study guide especially for salespersons who wish to become certified professionals, the MECP Product Specialist Study Guide provides basic explanations of electronic and acoustic principles. This book explains specific details of audio system components, how to upgrade factory installed systems, how to plan an auto system and how a mobile product specialist can better communicate with their customers. Included in the Guide is a noise exposure chart, key for electronic symbols and a thorough glossary.

Speakers for Your Home and Automobile

Gordon McComb gives a fantastic explanation on the workings of speakers that will make one feel like a pro once finished reading the book. Great for people wanting to make thier own speakers or just wanting to become more knowledgable. The terms used are not too technical but in depth enough to give a 'sound' understanding (excuse the pun). Well done Gordon.

Introduction to Loudspeaker Design

Even if you don't know a woofer from a tweeter, but can solder, cut wood, and do basic arithmetic, this book will give you sufficient knowledge and intuitive grasp to select the type of system you need, and, with some software and/or experience, successfully design a complete speaker system. In conclusion, I cannot imagine a better "Introduction to Loudspeaker Design" than this book.

Designing, Building, and Testing Your Own Speaker System

This definitive do-it-yourself book on creating and testing all kinds of speaker systems is updated to cover the latest makes and models. It also includes new speaker tests, expanded information on crossover networks, techniques for designing double-chamber reflex enclosures, practical rather than theoretical dimension charts, and more. He also gives good working explanations of crossovers, impedance-compensation networks, notch filters, L-pads, and some alternative, practical approaches often missing from other books. Of great value also are diagrams for winding your own choke coils and a good method for measuring speaker T-S parameters without sophisticated equipment.

Advanced Speaker Designs for the Hobbyist & Technician

For a book of its size and length, it is pact with information on how to measure and calculate various parameters relating to speaker design. The book is based on a high school course offered by the author in the USA. Therefore this book is ideal for persons with reasonable high school mathematics backround. Calculations are stressed and done step by step, in tutorial fashion. Explanations of driver parameters is excellent.

Sound Reinforcement Handbook

This Is A Comprehensive And All Inclusive Book About Sound Principals In General...Geared Mostly Toward Live Reinforcement, This Book Does Equally Well When It Comes To Physics, Acoustics, And Sound Propogation...I Have Recomended This Book To My Students Many Of Times With Great Praise...This Book Reveals The Hardcore Truth About Sound, And Will In Some Cases Humble The Arrogant Newcomer...

Handbook for Sound Engineers

This book has everything that an audio engineer would need to know, and nothing you don't. It gives you all the technical information that you could ever need while not being so pretentious as to tell you how you should use it. It is a terrific reference and will give you insight as to how some engineers chose to use thier tools.

Audio Systems Technology, Level #1

Audio Systems Technology Level 1 provides a basic platform for understanding the installation process of audio systems. While the information is well written and easy to understand, as a person with real world knowledge of audio systems, I was expecting more technical information. So if you are a Sound Engineer or DJ with road experience, you might want to start at Level 2. If you are a raw recruit in the audio world, this is a great book. The format is excellent, with quiz questions at the end of each chapter, a chapter on first aid and safety, and information about where to take tests to become a certified Audio Systems Installer. I know I will be purchasing level two and level three.


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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource
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