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What is the difference between paying for impressions and paying for clicks?
When you pay for impressions, you pay for the number of times someone is given an opportunity to see your ad. At we sell our banners on impressions, not click throughs. And because we know that what is normally considered a "successful banner campaign" usually has less than a 2% click through percentage, we recommend that our banners are best used for getting your company or product name in front of our targeted audience. This is excellent for creating brand awareness while people are browsing for car stereo accessories.

When you pay for clicks, however, you pay for people who are actually clicking your ad to make an actual visit to your site, which gives you a chance to turn them into a customer. This is how our Featured Car Audio Sites Listing works. You do not pay every time your listing appears on the page, you only pay when someone clicks on your listing and visits your website.

How much will being in the Featured Car Audio Sites Listing cost?
It depends on how high in the listing you would like to be and how many times your link is clicked on. At you determine how much you wish to pay for targeted traffic to your site. To open your account and begin driving visitors to your site, simply fill out the dealer registration form and pay the $20 account set up fee. This fee applies towards your account payments. So, it ends up costing you nothing to join, you only pay for the advertising you use! You set how much you will pay per click (minimum is 5 cents per click) and you set a maximum total per month.

Is there a monthly minimum I need to spend?
there are no monthly minimums or additional charges and you only pay for clicks through to your site. You can spend as much or as little as you want on your advertising campaign. The $20 account set up fee is a one-time fee and applies to your account payments.

What if I'm not satisfied?
Your account set up fee of $20 is fully refundable within 30 days if you are not satisfied for any reason with our Featured Car Audio Sites Listing and decide to terminate your membership. You still must pay for any click throughs you've accumulated, but we will either credit your $20 towards that amount and charge your card for the difference or give you a refund to the same credit card account if we owe you after covering your click throughs.

Will I get a traffic report and be able to maintain my own account?
Yes, your account is completely manageable online by logging in with your password. This gives you the ability to view your account balance, change your bids, or change your password and modify your account information any time you want.

Can I specify my rank in the Featured Car Audio Sites Listing and keep it there?
No. Because other advertisers will sign up with various bid amounts, and some will drop out of the list before the end of the month as they reach their maximum, the listing is constantly changing. Rankings are based solely on the amount of the bid and we don't allow someone to lock into any specific position.

Will I be notified when I lose my rank?
Not at this time. It is very possible that we will work email notification options in at a later date.

What do you do in case of a tie bid?
When two or more advertisers bid at the same price, we will give the advertiser who has been participating in the Featured Car Audio Sites Listing the longest, the higher position in the listings.

Do I need to pick search terms to bid on?
No. The Featured Car Audio Sites Listing is just a listing of car stereo related web sites ranked in order bid amount. There are no search terms, keywords or categories to select or bid on. The only thing to bid on is your placement in the list.

What are my payment options for the click throughs?
We accept Visa and MasterCard and ask for this card number and authorization to bill monthly charges to it at the time of registration. When you sign up, we charge your $20 set up fee to your card and keep it on file for future monthly billings.

Can I get billed for my click throughs? Do I have to pay up front?
You don't have to pay anything up front and you don't have to establish a debit account with us. We do however need to have a valid credit card on file to charge your monthly click throughs to. Since we allow you to set a maximum monthly amount you want to spend, you won't get any surprises on your credit card bill. We will not invoice you and allow you to pay us later for click throughs you've received.

Can I get listed for free? I'll trade you a link on my site. does not do any free listings. We also do not enter into revenue share programs or barter arrangements in exchange for listings.

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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource
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