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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource


(Phoenix, AZ, USA) - MTX is proud to announce that the new ThunderForm created specifically for Ford F-250 and F-350 Trucks is now available for 2000 and newer Supercab models. This new model ThunderForm is available as loaded or amplified and is custom designed with dual 10" up-firing Thunder4500 woofers that fit under the rear seat without sacrificing any leg room. Every car, truck, and SUV has wasted space, space that isn't being utilized and is begging for bass. MTX Audio has exactly what you need with ThunderForm vehicle-specific subwoofer enclosures. When we say exactly, we mean it. Each ThunderForm is specifically contoured to fit in your wasted space area and match the color and texture of your particular vehicle. This is especially nice for those who lease their vehicles and want to enjoy added bass without the hassle of messy installations.

The material in ThunderForm enclosures is a high-density polyethylene resin, which is resilient enough to transform into various shapes, yet rigid enough to avoid flexing. Each model is textured and available in gray, charcoal, tan, and black OEM colors to match your vehicle's interior and is also available in an amplified version of all of these colors. With all of these features combined, you get a precise fitting enclosure with rugged durability and a super clean look without compromising any sound quality.

Amplified ThunderForm models have an on-board, 200-watt, Class-D amplifier to power the Thunder 4500 woofers. The amp is highly efficient, and has been designed specifically for the subwoofer in the enclosure. Your customers get deep, low bass, without having to wire in a separate amplifier. MTX Audio's "Smart-Engage" Circuitry (patent pending) eliminates the need to remove the factory head-unit during most installations. Installation is quick and easy and can be completed with only some basic tools.

Your car or truck is second only to your home as the most significant purchase and place to spend time. ThunderForms by MTX Audio can provide the bass to make any type of music sound better for the long drives and hours upon hours spent in a vehicle.


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