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LAS VEGAS – CES (Booth # N221/N222) – January 5, 2006 – Enhanced connectivity, power and sleek design make the new 2006 JVC mobile CD receivers better than ever. Featuring seven models, the new JVC CD receiver line-up boasts advanced features and playback options, such as satellite radio and Apple iPod® connectivity, to give consumers even more ways to enjoy music on the road.

“This year’s line of JVC receivers is more dynamic than ever,” said Gary DeFeo, General Manager, Mobile Electronics Division, JVC Company of America. “Sound quality remains paramount as does ease of use, but we also offer consumers the ability to plug in a variety of digital music devices.”

The top-of-the-line KD-SH1000 features a wide array of media options for playback versatility and JVC’s most advanced technologies. In addition to CD playback, the KD-SH1000 includes an SD card slot and a USB slot for music file playback. The receiver is also satellite radio ready and “Ready for iPod®”, allowing iPod connection, control, recharging and information display using JVC’s KS-PD100 adapter. JVC’s XA-HD500 hard drive digital audio player can also be connected using the new KS-PD500 adapter.

To adjust the sound to meet individual tastes and each vehicle’s unique acoustics, the KD-SH1000’s advanced digital signal processing (DSP) includes digital nine-band iEQ for fine-tuning the sound and three-band parametric EQ, which lets users adjust center frequency curves, bandwidth and level independently for bass, midrange and treble. The unit also offers time alignment, which creates an ideal sound field by adjusting speaker delays to ensure that sound from all the speakers reaches the listener at the same time. Other features include BBE Digital high-definition sound that corrects phase delay and distortions to ensure natural, high-fidelity sound, and a low pass/high pass filter optimizes the audio signals sent to the front/rear speakers and subwoofer by filtering out unwanted ranges.

Additionally, the KD-SH1000 has a stunning dot-matrix FL display and a motorized slide-out face. The receiver also features DiAS digital tuning which delivers improved radio reception with minimal interference and signal fade. The unit also boasts 5V line output level, gold-plated inputs and outputs and a multi-function wireless remote control. The KD-SH1000 has a power output of 50 watts x 4 maximum (20 watts x 4 RMS). The KD-G320 is JVC’s entry-level satellite radio and Ready for iPod model. It is MP3/WMA compatible and offers a power rating of 50 watts x 4 maximum (18 watts x 4 RMS). The KD-G320 features two pairs of line output terminals with a switchable subwoofer output. The unit also includes 24-bit resolution 1-bit DAC, cEQ, subwoofer level/frequency control, loudness control and a manual dimmer.

The KD-G420 adds a few extra features onto the KD-G320. In addition to improving sound quality with 24-bit resolution Burr-Brown 1-bit DAC, the KD-G420 includes a front auxiliary input, a flip-down detachable face and a blue display.

The KD-G720 includes a feature set similar to the KD-G420, but offers a USB slot instead of a front auxiliary input. It also includes a built-in MOS-FET power amp and an HS-IV tuner for purer FM sound with minimal noise interference.

The KD-G820 adds a variable-color 3D graphics display which consumers can upload pictures and video clips to using JVC’s PICT technology. It also offers a USB slot, gold-plated line output and subwoofer output terminals, a four-volt line output and a three-band parametric iEQ to tailor sound to any listening preference.

JVC’s entry level CD receivers, the KD-G120 and the KD-G220 feature stylish design new white LED screens. Both units offer a power output of 45 watts x 4 maximum (17 watts x 4 RMS). They also feature 1-bit DAC, cEQ and a subwoofer level control. The KD-G120 adds a super bass control. Both receivers can play CD-R/RW discs. A model with a wireless remote control is also available, the KD-G120R. The KD-G220 adds loudness control, subwoofer frequency control, 24-bit resolution 1-bit DAC and a manual dimmer.

Four high-end models from the 2005 line have been carried over into 2006 – the KD-SHX900 with built-in HD Radio, KD-SHX850, KD-SHX750 and KD-LHX550. The KD-SHX850 and KD-SHX750 offer a full-color OEL display and SD card slot, while the KD-LXH550 features a 3D wide display.

Prices and availability of JVC’s new CD receivers are approximate Model Retail Price Available

KD-SH1000 $399.95
KD-G820 $249.95
KD-G720 $199.95
KD-G420 $159.95
KD-G320 $129.95
KD-G220 $109.95
KD-G120 $89.95
About JVC Company of America
JVC Company of America, headquartered in Wayne, New Jersey, is a division of JVC Americas Corp., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Victor Company of Japan Ltd., and a holding company for JVC companies located in North and South America. JVC distributes a complete line of video and audio equipment, including high definition displays, camcorders, VCRs, D-VHS recorders, DVD players and recorders, satellite systems, home and portable audio equipment, mobile entertainment products and recording media. For further product information, visit JVC’s Web site at or call 800-526-5308.


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