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LAS VEGAS, January 6, 2005 – Celebrating its fourth anniversary, JVC’s Arsenal mobile product line continues to garner praise and attention from car audio aficionados attracted to quality construction, pristine sound and breakthrough design.

“JVC’s Arsenal customers have emerged as an elite group of audiophiles who pay attention to even the smallest of details when building their sound systems,” said Gary DeFeo, General Manager, JVC Company of America’s Mobile Electronics Division. “These customers benefit from our unique, high-quality products and the expertise provided by the independent mobile specialists that carry the JVC Arsenal line.”

JVC’s Arsenal line consists of 10 high performance receivers with stunning cosmetics, advanced features and outstanding performance. All but one Arsenal receiver is Sirius Satellite Radio Ready, and selected Arsenal models offer an SD memory slot, 5V line output level and gold-plated line output terminals for superior connectivity. All offer a two-year warranty.

The top-of-the-line KD-ADV6160 is a DVD/CD receiver that includes JVC’s GIGA MP3 technology that lets users play DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW discs that contain MP3 and WMA files. That’s more than 2,000 songs, which translates to about 200 albums, meaning that users have access to a jukebox worth of music in a single receiver. A front mini auxiliary input allows the connection of a portable music player. For passengers who have a hard time agreeing on what to listen to or watch, JVC’s Dual-Zone function can route two different sources to the back and front of the vehicle. Other features include 20W x 4 (RMS), 50W x 4 Max. of power and optical digital audio and composite video outputs. The KD-ADV6160 will be available in February 2005 at a nationally advertised value of $379.95.

JVC’s Arsenal line is further enhanced with three new CD receivers with state-of-the-art displays: the KD-AR8500, KD-AR7500 and KD-AR5500. Each features an SD card slot that allows each unit to serve as an in-car digital audio player, offering direct playback of music files. The SD card can also be used to upload images and video clips for viewing on the receivers’ displays using JVC’s PiCT technology. All three receivers are Sirius Ready and include JVC’s DiAS digital tuner, based on a unified chip rather than the more common hard-wired analog tuner to deliver improved reception, with minimal interference and signal fade. Other shared features include advanced multi-bit DAC that elevates digital-to-analog conversion to a level usually associated with high end home audio products, MP3/WMA compatibility, 5V line out level, 5V subwoofer out level and gold-plated input and output terminals.

The KD-AR5500 has a power output of 22W x 4 (RMS), 52W x 4 Max. Its unique feature is a touch panel with voice support feature that simplifies operation while enhancing driver safety. A film-coated display presents station ID, CD song selections, EQ and DSP options, plus volume, balance and fade controls in easy-to-read big, bold type. The film-coated display is smoother to the touch than traditional glass, and much easier to clean. The touch screen is complemented by a multilingual voice notification feature that provides verbal cues regarding CD and changer operation, DSP options, and more. English, French, and Spanish are supported.

The KD-AR7500 includes all of the KD-AR5500’s features, but replaces the touch panel with a 256-color OEL display. It also adds BBE digital high definition sound to enhance imaging and overall clarity, JVC’s CC converter that restores frequencies that can be lost during analog-to-digital conversion, and digital signal processing (DSP) for tailoring the sound to suit the listener’s tastes and the vehicle.

A key feature that separates the KD-AR8500 from the KD-AR7500 is its use of JVC’s Hybrid Feedback digital amplifier technology, first available in JVC home audio products. The KD-AR8500’s digital amp delivers 39W x 4 (RMS), 70W x 4 Max. of total power. It also adds T-DSP and shock-proof memory to the features found on the KD-AR7500.

The KD-AR8500, KD-AR7500 and KD-AR5500 will be available in March 2005 at nationally advertised values of $699.95, $599.95 and $499.95, respectively.

Additional high-end performers in the Arsenal series include the KD-AR960, KD-AR860 and KD-AR760 – all Sirius Ready. All three units boast 20W x 4 (RMS), 50W x 4 Max. of power courtesy of the internal MOS-FET amplifier, MP3/WMA compatibility, a 24-bit resolution Burr-Brown 1-bit DAC, and two pairs of gold-plated line output terminals. New for 2005 is a five-volt line output level, gold-plated adjustable line input terminals, telephone mute and an amp defeat switch. Also included is a gold subwoofer output and gold adjustable line input. Additional features include a motorized slide-out face and a three-band parametric iEQ.

With a bold appearance to complement exceptional sonic capabilities, the KD-AR960 and KD-AR860 feature a brilliant variable-color 3D graphics display that shows off stills, graphics and video clips uploaded using JVC’s PiCT technology. JVC’s HS-IIIi tuner is also included for premium radio signal quality. Both units include a multi-function remote that enables manipulation of most features. The KD-AR960 adds SD card compatibility.

The KD-AR760 is highlighted by a bold, bright dot-matrix display, with a band of control buttons surrounding the perimeter and a sleek, stylish rotary control knob. The KD-AR760 also features JVC’s HS-II tuner technology for enhanced radio signal reliability and includes an oval remote that includes control over many playback features.

The KD-AR960 andKD-AR860 will be available in February 2005 at nationally advertised values of $309.95, and $279.95, respectively. The KD-AR760 will be available in December 2004 at a national advertised value of $249.95.

JVC's Arsenal line is rounded out by three models that are designed for mobile audio enthusiasts who don’t need all the bells and whistles, but still take a no-holds-barred approach to assembling their systems. The Sirius Ready KD-AR560 offers the power that Arsenal fans expect 20W x 4 (RMS), 50W x 4 Max. with a 24-Bit resolution 1-Bit DAC decoder, MP3 and WMA compatibility, 4V line output level, flip-down face and cEQ for sound enhancement. The KD-AR360 offers a similar feature set without the flip-down face, and the KD-AR260 includes the sonic clarity of the KD-AR360 and KD-AR560, but without MP3 and Sirius compatibility.

The KD-AR560, KD-AR360 and KD-AR260 will be available in January 2005 at nationally advertised values of $229.95, $169.95 and $139.95.

About JVC Company of America
JVC Company of America, headquartered in Wayne, New Jersey, is a division of JVC Americas Corp., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Victor Company of Japan Ltd., and a holding company for JVC companies located in North and South America. JVC distributes a complete line of video and audio equipment, including high definition displays, camcorders, VCRs, D-VHS recorders, DVD players and recorders, satellite systems, home and portable audio equipment, mobile entertainment products and recording media. For further product information, visit JVC’s Web site at or call 800-526-5308


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