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LAS VEGAS, January 6, 2005 – Years ago, families would pile into the station wagon on a Friday night and take in a movie at the drive-in theater. These days, more and more people are driving around in their own mobile movie theater. This year, JVC takes the mobile theater to new heights with six new dazzling multimedia units that create a stunning cinema experience in any vehicle.

Highlights include a CD/DVD receiver with a built-in three-inch full color TFT monitor, a CD/DVD receiver with a detachable seven-inch monitor, and an innovative ceiling mount combination DVD player/monitor.

“What makes JVC’s new line of mobile AV products stand out is that we offer innovations that deliver more playback and installation options, and a more convenient and comfortable viewing experience,” said Gary DeFeo, General Manager, Mobile Entertainment, JVC Company of America.

This year, JVC redefines the concept of in-dash video with the KD-AVX1 (national advertised value: $649.95) CD/DVD receiver with built-in three-inch full-color TFT monitor. The display, which is built into the front of the receiver, lets users watch television, DVD movies, display JPEG pictures or monitor a rearview camera. The sleek, intuitive interface does away with the usual array of buttons and instead features two discrete cross-key controls that operate virtually all functions.

The KD-AVX1 boasts a navigation-friendly GUI (graphical user interface) menu that is displayed on the monitor. The advanced menu interface allows for fast navigation through a large number of tracks and file folders when using JVC’s GIGA MP3 technology to play MP3 or WMA files.

Power output is 20W x 4 (RMS), 50W x 4 Max.., courtesy of the MOS-FET power amp that includes gold-plated subwoofer output terminals. Gold-plated line output and video terminals enable playback of DVD-R/-RW/VCD compatible media on any screen. An optical digital output, 96kHz/24-bit DAC and digital seven-band iEQ complete this audiophile’s dream machine.

If a larger front monitor is need, JVC offers the KD-AV7010 (national advertised value: $1599.95), a CD/DVD receiver with a detachable in-dash monitor. The seven-inch full-color TFT screen remains hidden in the receiver until users are ready to let their in-car cinema rip. The bright, crisp monitor slides out elegantly and offers touch panel operation for intuitive on-screen menu control. The KD-AV7010 really shines when it comes to versatility. Using the optional KV-CR100 cradle unit, users can simply detach the seven-inch monitor for hassle-free mounting on the headrest to entertain those in the back seat. Passengers won’t believe their eyes when the 27MHz/10-Bit video DAC brings images on screen to life.

The KD-AV7010’s Dual-Zone feature lets passengers in the backseat enjoy a movie while those in the front listen to the AM, FM, satellite radio, or CD. In T-DSP mode, users can choose between five different ambience modes or select time alignment, which uses delay to ensure that the sound from each speaker reaches the listener at the same time for the most accurate sound reproduction. Passengers who like to watch broadcast television while on the road can do so by connecting an optional outboard TV tuner (KV-C1000, national advertised value: $199.95).

Everyone knows that video is best complemented with a surround sound setup. To that end, the KD-AV7010 features 5.1 channel Dolby Digital/DTS surround that is brought to life via 20W x 4 + 18W x 1 (RMS), 50W x 4 + 35W x 1 Max. of total power delivered by the built-in MOS-FET power amp. The KD-AV7010 also features 96KHz/24-bit DAC, gold-plated 5.1 channel pre-output terminals, AV output terminals and 2 pairs of AV input terminals. The optional CS-CN100 2-5/8” 2-way center speaker completes the surround setup.

A convenient DVD option for rear seat entertainment is the new JVC KD-MRD900 (nationally advertised value: $999.95) – a ceiling-mount DVD player/monitor combo. It features a nine-inch widescreen monitor with an extension so it can be pulled down from the ceiling farther than other units, providing a more comfortable viewing angle. For even more convenience, the monitor swivels from side to side.

The KD-MRD900 is DVD-R/-RW/VCD compatible and features GIGA MP3 capability. A built-in IR transmitter enables easy operation via remote control and lets passengers enjoy stereo sound with two included pairs of wireless headphones. Built-in LED reading lights add to the unit’s versatility. Gold-plated AV output terminals and input terminals (x2 pairs), and an optical digital output further enhance the product’s multimedia capabilities.

A monitor-only version of the KD-MRD900 is available. It’s the KD-MR9010 (national advertised value: $749.95) and features two pairs of AV input terminals for connection to an external DVD player, VCR or video game system.

Two additional DVD receivers – the KD-DV5100 (national advertised value $329.95) and the Arsenal Series KD-ADV6160 (national advertised value: $379.95) – round out JVC’s multimedia line. Both offer 22W x 4 RMS, 50W x 4 Max. power output, Giga MP3, and a front auxiliary input for connecting a portable music player. For passengers who have a hard time agreeing on what to listen to or watch, JVC’s Dual-Zone function can route different sources to the back and front of the car. Other features include optical digital audio and composite video outputs.

The KD-ADV6160 Arsenal CD/DVD receiver adds a 5V line output level, two pairs of gold-plated line output terminals and gold-plated adjustable line input terminals.

All of JVC’s DVD compatible units can be complemented by the vivid KV-MH6510 (national advertised value: $449.95) 6.5-inch full-color TFT monitor that can be installed into most headrests. A built-in IR transmitter enables remote control and gold-plated AV output terminals allow for increased flexibility.

About JVC Company of America
JVC Company of America, headquartered in Wayne, New Jersey, is a division of JVC Americas Corp., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Victor Company of Japan Ltd., and a holding company for JVC companies located in North and South America. JVC distributes a complete line of video and audio equipment, including high definition displays, camcorders, VCRs, D-VHS recorders, DVD players and recorders, satellite systems, home and portable audio equipment, mobile entertainment products and recording media. For further product information, visit JVC's Web site at or call 800-526-5308.


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