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WOODBURY, N.Y. (April 11, 2006) – The JBL series of Grand Touring® Loudspeakers (GTO) has long been touted for delivering superb car audio performance. The next-generation GTO speakers offer an even higher level of power and precision for any application, from the consumer looking to upgrade a factory system to the hobbyist building a world-class competition ride.

Each GTO model boasts more cone area than competitors’ models, thanks to JBL’s patent-pending Plus One woofer cones. This results in enhanced efficiency and better bass output. GTO speakers are also built to provide 2-ohm impedance, extracting every bit of power from any amplifier designed to increase power when driving 2 ohms.

“More cone area, more power, enhanced efficiency and smoother sound – this is an unbeatable combo of features only available from JBL,” said Christopher M. Dragon, director of brand marketing, JBL Mobile Systems. “JBL has always offered a car audio solution to appeal to a variety of consumers, but the next-generation GTO speakers take it to the next level.” Other unique features offered in these new GTO loudspeakers include:
My-Ti Edge-Driven Tweeters (Mylar®/titanium composite) – GTO speakers are smooth-sounding, no matter how loud they play, thanks to JBL’s new My-Ti tweeters. Stiff, light and extremely efficient, these tweeters deliver high-frequency extension of titanium domes with the damping of composite diaphragms. One-inch, edge-driven domes on select models provide more heat-dissipating surface area for higher power handling, making lower crossover frequency possible.

Tweeter-Level Control – Offers easy adjustment of tweeter level even in coaxial and select three-way models, a feature typically reserved for component systems or speakers with outboard networks.

Unipoint Rotating Tweeter – The tweeter, mounted at a 15-degree angle, can be rotated 350 degrees to point at the listening position. In cases where speakers are mounted in off-axis factory locations, this rotating tweeter allows for a more uniform high-frequency response between left and right channels.

Built-In Crossovers – Integrated high- and low-pass filters in select models provide a smoother transition between midrange and tweeter.

Low-Q Design – Provides improved bass extension and better transient response in infinite baffle applications (doors and rear package tray).

Intermount III – All 6-1/2-inch models offer this unique mounting system, allowing for installation in nearly all 6-inch factory locations, without requiring additional adapters or kits.

Shallow I-Mount (patent no. 5,859,917) – New I-Mount tweeter- mounting system requires less space behind the mounting surface.

Starfish – Provides easy tweeter mounting in factory tweeter locations and behind factory grilles. Mounting tabs make customization easier.

JBL GTO speakers are available now in the following models (MAP $59.95 to $199.95):

GTO327 3-1/2” 2-way loudspeaker 25 watts 75 watts 90Hz – 20kHz 89dB

GTO427 4” 2-way loudspeaker 25 watts 90 watts 90Hz – 20kHz 90dB

GTO6427 4” x 6” 2-way loudspeaker with DIN adapter 40 watts 120 watts 75Hz – 21kHz 91dB

GTO527 5-1/4” 2-way loudspeaker 45 watts 135 watts 70Hz – 21kHz 91dB

GTO627 6-1/2” 2-way loudspeaker 60 watts 180 watts 55Hz – 21kHz 92dB

GTO637 6-1/3” 3-way loudspeaker 60 watts 180 watts 55Hz – 21kHz 92dB

GTO8627 6” x 8”/5” x 7” 2-way loudspeaker 60 watts 180 watts 50Hz – 21kHz 92dB

GTO927 6” x 9” 2-way loudspeaker 100 watts 300 watts 50Hz – 21kHz 94dB

GTO937 6” x 9” 3-way loudspeaker 100 watts 300 watts 50Hz – 21kHz 94dB

GTO507c 5-1/4” 2-way component system 55 watts 165 watts 70Hz – 21kHz 91dB

GTO607c 6-1/2” 2-way component system 55 watts 165 watts 55Hz – 21kHz 92dB

GTO8607c 6” x 8”/5” x 7” 2-way component system 70 watts 210 watts 55Hz – 21kHz 92dB

GTO17t 1” edge-driven My-Ti tweeter 50 watts 150 watts w/ supplied X-over 2.5kHz – 21kHz 92dB


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