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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource

Live the Mobile Life with the MEX-BT5000

London, 09 March 2006 - The MEX-BT5000 car audio head unit is designed for the truly mobile lifestyle. The first Sony head unit with Bluetooth® wireless technology, it automatically links to any Bluetooth® mobile phone and provides handsfree calls with crystal clear sound. Phone book data from the handset also appears on the BT5000s high-visibility screen, so you can make and receive calls during a journey without even taking your phone out of your pocket. Support for the Bluetooth® OPP (Object Push Protocol) also allows the wireless transfer of up to fifty phone book contacts to the head unit itself.

An integrated microphone in the unit picks up the users voice and removes the need for any further wiring within the car, greatly simplifying installation. Stylishly minimal design and a full motion fluorescent (FL) display give the BT5000 a highly distinctive look very different to previous Sony head units.

The BT5000 is all about making the mobile life simpler, says Patrick Naltet, Marketing Director Sony e-Vehicle Europe. No more third-party car phone kits, no more fiddling about when you get in and out of the vehicle. Just seamless, smart connectivity whenever you drive. This is how its going to be from now on.

Smart handsfree isnt all the BT5000 can do. Show it a mobile phone or music player that supports Bluetooth® audio streaming and it will retrieve and play music too. The head unit offers essential playback control (Play/Pause, Skip, fast forward/back) over the remote source, placing your music collection right at your fingertips. Next-generation music phones like the Sony Ericsson W950 Walkman phone already offer audio streaming via Bluetooth® wireless technology, and are compatible with the BT5000.

Once youve used smart handsfree, you are going to want the same automatic connection to your music, be it on your phone or audio player, adds Tetsuya Ando, Vice President, Sony e-Vehicle Europe. The BT5000 is already in place to provide this so long as you have something like the Sony Ericsson W950 Walkman phone. Again, this is the way things are going to go, and Sony is right there, one step ahead.


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