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hd dvd or blu-ray
Posted by gameguru1360 on 01-08-2008 02:57 PM:

well it's unofficial, but Warner Bros has sided with blu-ray.  I've been trying to build my hd library with hd dvds and I'm not in a rush to go and get a blu-ray player although I have been looking at combo hd/blu-ray players.  I think it would be in the manufacturer's best interest to have both hd dvd and blu-ray out there.   They say that Warner Bros will still put out hd dvds until about May of this year, then they'll concentrate on blu-ray

The downside to using hd and blu-ray players is the long load times or freezing or out of sync audio. 

I hope that hd dvd won't die out like beta did.

Posted by MastaSquidge on 01-08-2008 08:53 PM:

Im down with HD-DVD simply because of all the lame ass sony fanboy I had to deal with. im so tired of hearing "lyk zomg nublet Sonie pee ess three r teh own and bloo-rai dizkz own teh nub azz exbox" over on the Playstaion forums. I love the forum but now and then its like fanboy hell.

Posted by gameguru1360 on 01-09-2008 06:28 PM:

well with hd dvd slowly going out of the picture, I don't see blu-ray players coming down in price that much considering there won't be as much competition as when hd dvd players were coming down in price.

I'll still keep getting hd dvd movies until they stop producing them.  I sure do hope that there's a fire sale on hd dvds if and when they decide to stop producing them!

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