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GPS System
Posted by SilentNights on 12-15-2008 04:29 PM:

i was wondering if anyone has seen or heard of the MotoNav TN30 and TN20?

I can't post pictures but you should definitely check it out at motorola.com/motonav

it has a ton of useful features like bluetooth compatability, speed limit and warning display along with lane guidance that tells you what lane you should take.

check out the site and let me know what your take of it is..

Posted by SilentNights on 01-07-2009 12:23 PM:

hmmm anybody?

Posted by gameguru1360 on 11-06-2009 11:42 AM:

I've seen some of their models advertised through Costco, but have never read any reviews on how they are compared to the major 3 like magellan or garmin or tomtom.

Posted by helu0225 on 03-31-2011 05:14 AM:

Very good