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alarm help
Posted by Dblboinger on 10-25-2010 03:54 PM:

I’m installing a CrimeStopper SP-500 in a 1993 RX7. I’m not experienced with alarm systems, but I install marine electronics professionally for a living and I’ve been dabbling in car stereo for a number of years.
 There are 2 outputs on the alarm, called OEM Rearm and OEM Disarm, I can’t figure out where they need to go.  I have a wiring diagram for a 1994 RX7, which I’m told is same as the ’93, but it doesn’t identify which wire is a disarm input and which is a rearm input. Can anyone out there provide information on these connections?

Posted by maryland33 on 10-29-2010 11:29 PM:

Constant 12V+ Black/Green  Ignition Switch Harness 
Starter Black/Blue  Ignition Switch Harness 
Ignition Black/White  Ignition Switch Harness 
Ignition 2 Black/Yellow  Ignition Switch Harness 
Tach Yellow/Blue  Coil 
Brake Switch Green  Brake Switch 
Trunk Pin Gray (-)  CPU #2 Driver's Kick Panel 
Parking Lights Red/Black  Fuse Panel 
Head Lamp White/Blue (-)  Light Switch 
Hood Pin Brown/White (-)  CPU #2 Driver's Kick Panel 
Factory Disarm Dark Green/Black (-)  Driver's Kick Panel 
Door Trigger Blue/White (-)  Driver's Kick Panel above Relays 
Door Lock n/a  Add Actuator in Driver's Door 
Door Unlock n/a  Add Actuator in Driver's Door 
Horn Wire Green/Orange (-)  Steering Column or CPU #2

Posted by Tach on 11-14-2010 09:29 PM:

Sweet car!!! Anywho...thats obviously the factory arm and disarm...the arm isnt needed. disarm is needed if the car has a factory alarm, test by rolling drivers door down, locking the doors, wait a few minutes reach in thru the window and open the door if factory alarm sounds you need the disarm connected.... Factory disarm is lt grn/blk in drivers kick says could be a pale yellow/red in some models....should read 12volts and go to ground when u unlock drivers door w/key. The arm is dark green/blk...if u want it

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