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Car Audio Tournament of Champions" (CATOC") to officially launch in October, 2012.
Posted by DaveRitter on 09-22-2012 05:27 PM:

Mesa, AZ USA – Car Audio Tournament of Champions™ (CATOC™) to officially launch in October, 2012.

Car Audio Tournament of Champions™ (CATOC™) is a sound quality (SQ) focused organization that is dedicated to the highest possible audiophile listening standards in the automotive environment. We are not just a car audio “sound off” sanctioning body; we are also dedicated to making infotainment and new vehicle technology better.

The first CATOC™ “sound off” events for the 2012-2013 competition season will be held in Mesa, AZ, Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas; Tucson, AZ and surrounding areas, and southern California.

Additional events will be held in Central and northern California, Las Vegas, NV, as well as New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado. Expansion into the rest of the United States and Canada will follow, based on demand for events in any specific city or region. Please contact us at info@catoc-cca.com with any questions or comments that you may have. Please allow up to 24 hours for a reply, as we have already gotten significant e-mail traffic.

Mission Statement©

Our quest is to determine who designs, engineers, and builds the finest audio and infotainment systems and/or the most innovative new vehicle technology as defined by our rules and standards for the benefit of the automotive consumer. CATOC™ is the arena in which people representing “the aftermarket”, “the OEM”, and “the DIY” (Do It Yourself) compete for the rewards and accolades that accompany victory while enjoying the common bonds of enthusiasm for cars, audio and technology, and the “road trip travel lifestyle” for the mutual betterment of all who participate in this quest.

Here are CATOC™ highlights; these are the aspects of CATOC™ that makes us stand out from other organizations:

1)   CATOC™ OFFERS PRIZE MONEY at all levels of events, from 1X point “Locals Night” events to 4X Regional Finals and above. Available prize money will vary from event to event based on sponsor/partner support and other factors; however, prize money pools will vary from $500 to up to $50,000 per event!


2)   There are only 3 SQ Divisions based on the simplicity or complexity of the installation



3)   CATOC™ is the first organization to offer a new technology division. New technology does not have to be audio or infotainment related.


If you have an idea for a new vehicle safety technology, performance technology, or some other totally new concept, you now have a platform on which to showcase your new idea! We can even help you protect your idea and sell it to applicable companies, if you so choose.


4)   Our General Competition rulebook is only 8 pages long. It is very straight forward and easy to understand for anyone, regardless of the level of car audio experience and knowledge.


5)   CATOC™ rewards installation practicality, ingenuity, and craftsmanship above all else.


6)   We evaluate sound system performance with a wide variety of music, so your system will need to play “anything” well.


Our rules focus on proper tuning based on your specific vehicle’s acoustic environment, not your ability to tune to one judging CD. The systems that do the best overall job of musical reproduction will be determined over the course of a season, not at just one event.



7)   We have a division dedicated to stock OEM systems! If your budget or your time has not allowed you to build the system of your dreams, you still “have a place to play”!


8)   CATOC™ rewards vehicle owner/enthusiasts, installers, and teams! If you an installer who has built multiple high quality systems, you can vie for a North American Installer Championship. Competition teams can also vie for a North American team title!



9)   Our immediate goals are to add availability of academic and trade school scholarship programs, as well as career opportunities throughout the automotive and “road trip lifestyle” related industries.


10)We will be making sponsorship opportunities available for loyal and enthusiastic CATOC™ members who best demonstrate the combination of God given talent, dedication, persistence and creativity

There are two basic requirements to compete in CATOC™:

1)    You must be a paid CATOC™ member in good standing


2)    You must pre-register for each and every CATOC™ event in which we wish to compete!

The reasons for these requirements are simple: We ask that anyone who competes respect a basic code of conduct; paid membership helps ensure that the code of conduct will be respected. We like good, nice people at our events. We don’t like jerks.

Successful events require great planning, including proper staffing of certified, qualified judges. Only the highest levels of judges are hired by CATOC™ and great judges cost money. We must know how many competitors will be participating so that the proper number of judges is present for each event in order to have the best events possible.

Please look for CATOC™ related posts for additional posts. Thank you.

Where do you live and would you like CATOC" events?
Posted by DaveRitter on 10-04-2012 12:45 PM:

How many of you live in Arizona, California, southern Nevada, New Mexico or west Texas? Who amoung would like for us to host some shows in your area? I ask becauase we are tyring to get a feel for where the best locations to start will be.