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What is new today?
Posted by happymeng on 12-17-2012 04:23 AM:

The Qassam Lang rare jungle elite strange. Qassam Lang jungle battle in full swing, Aegis army garrison governing Onslaught camp from time to time have a warrior appears, they are the same in each fortress nearlower chance to drop the Fight Club invitation. Keep in mind that their names, to see that they do not miss, because they may be invited to the source of the letter you Fight Club.To accept the invitation of a friend if your friends have joined the fight club, as long as he has abundant world of warcraft gold, he was fighting arena 7 will be able to get the achievement "Fight Club II Principles, and get with from Baze flange bossboxers pass the letters. With your friends can invite you to join Fight Club, of course, he can also pass this boxer to sell the wow gold to other players to earn a little.