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kicker ks693 versus cs693
Posted by mongolianfireoil on 02-27-2013 02:48 PM:

I'm putting together a sound system and already have 2 15 inch woofers, 2 12 inch woofers and am looking to compliment them with some 6X9s. I was at best buy and honestly, the best sounding 6X9s they had were the ks693's. Looking at Kickers website, they also sell CS693's that handle more wattage. The head unit puts out 100 watts per channel,. The KS693's handle 100 Watts rms while the CS693s handle 150 Watts RMS. I'm looking more for sound clarity but do plan to put out the full 100 watts to each speaker. The woofers each have 800 Watts feeding them so bass is not an issue. Any advice?


basically got a head unit feeding out to the 6X9s and also to two external amps,. The two amps feed the woofers.

Posted by mimoza on 06-17-2013 04:30 AM:

The kickers are enough power for what you want. 2 12's powered by that amp will put your music over the top. If you crave just base and bump than you have chosen the right path. Enjoy the crazy bump behind your pump of 2 12 kickers. Arikok National Park Aruba Fashion Aruba Events Aruba Transportation