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Single or Dual Subs for Civic Install
Posted by SonnieP on 04-15-2013 07:53 AM:

I am tossing around what to do for subs in my 2013 Civic. My initial thinking was to go with one single JL Audio 10W6v3, since one of these sounds incredibly good in my wife's car powered off of an XD 600/1. However, I purchased this Civic to do a car audio install and I love bass... particular I love to feel the bass... not so much just loud, but low and clean output.

My plans are to use a JL HD 900/5 active on the front stage (Hertz HSK 165XL ordered), with the 500 watts on the sub(s).

-- OR --

Go with two subs and use a Leviathan lll, which would give me a little more power all around.

-- OR --

Something else? What other subs are out there that I should throw in the mix for a sealed setup of one or two subs?


I don't think I am limited too much on trunk space, other than I need to get to my spare tire, but I think I still have a good 12" of depth to work with and can probably get as much as about 2 cubic feet of net volume back there... so I know I could do 2 JL 12W6v3's, but not sure if I would have enough power to do them justice ... and I want to stick with one 5 channel amp. I believe the Leviathan III is 660 watts bridged 4 ohms.