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built a donk
Posted by mimoza on 06-07-2013 03:33 AM:

I've personally never built a donk. I do alot of lift kits for trucks but never on a car. I know for sure there is no bolt on Kit. Take it to you nearest offroad dealer and make sure he's good at fabricating. I would imagine, just like a truck your going to need to drop the subframe, get longer spindles, longer shocks, longer coils or spacers. Plan to spend out $5000-$6000 for someone to fabricate you a 4"-6" lift that would accomidate 24"-26" wheels I don't know what the prices are there. You can also do a body ift which would be alot cheaper and you could almost do yourself. Your going to need to cut spacers, longer bolts, and fabricate brackets to raise things like the fadiator, exhaust, gas tank, extend the brake lines. Plan to spend about $2000-$3000 for a 3" body lift which will clear 24" wheels. Again, I'm talking about how trucks are done and I've never raised a car. We do bolt on kits at our shop with very little fabricating on lifts. mobile capture mobile data capture remote deposit auto capture mobile fax