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wholesale oil paintings at oilpainting-shop.com
Posted by federer on 07-01-2013 10:05 PM:

Two Oil Paintings by British professional Francis Breads, such as the first painting he ever promoted, have fetched more than á21m at a London, uk, uk community public auction, according to the BBC. Go III, which promoted for á150 at Bacons first individual show 54 years ago, was bought for á10.4m by an America individual choice. It had been estimated to provide for between á5m and á7m.A 1966 triptych icon of Isabel Rawsthorne, Famous Paintings Bacons friend, muse and fan, went for á11.3m. Breads and Rawsthorne became acquainted during preparations for their first individual shows at Londons Hanover Selection in 1949.