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Car Audio Tournament of Champions" (CATOC") season to begin!
Posted by DaveRitter on 08-08-2013 10:06 PM:

Car Audio Tournament of Champions™ (CATOC™) will be having its “preseason” events starting this month in the greater Phoenix, AZ area.

The first preseason event scheduled is to be held at the world famous Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving located in Chandler, AZ on Saturday, August 24th. Please e-mail events@catoc-cca.com for the event flier.

We'd love to have you enjoy driving really fast – legally – on Bondurant’s track. You do not have to be a sound off competitor and you do not have to be a CATOC™ member to drive. You do have to have a valid current driver’s license.

The driving events DO require paid pre-registration and we must meet a minimum number of driving participants in order to use this venue. Pre-registration is done via PayPal at pre-registration@catoc-cca.com.

If you, your company, your car club, etc. would like to book a group event on the same day as our event, please e-mail me directly at dave@catoc-cca.com; I will forward your information to the proper people at Bondurant. If you want to pre-register, I’ll send you an invoice for payment for your records.

Our regular season starts on Saturday, September 7th.

If your vehicle has a sound system, even the one that came from the factory when the car was new, you can compete.

A CATOC™ annual membership and paid pre-registration (for each event) is required to compete in our events. You will earn qualifying points toward Regional events, regardless of how where you finish! No other organization does this!

So if you’re saving money or buying equipment for your system upgrades one piece at a time, you can still compete and earn points.

Already have a complete system? If you win or place, you earn additional points. If your system has an epic fail, no worries; you won’t leave empty handed. You’ll still earn qualifying points.

Have questions? Please email info@catoc-cca.com Thank you.

Drive on a world famous road course!
Posted by DaveRitter on 08-12-2013 02:48 PM:

Who among you wants to drive really, really fast - legally - on a world famous track?

This one of the activities at our preseason event on Saturday, August 24th. Please e-mail events@catoc-cca.com for details.