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Everything is
Posted by mimoza on 09-04-2013 03:36 AM:

Turkish daily newspaper Yeni ^afak, made an interview with Noam Chomsky and it got printed on Aug. 3. However, reporter Burcu Bulut changed some statements of Chomsky and added some sentences of her own as being told by Chomsky. The three sentences, We saw a mass resistance, made up of Morsi supporters, which moved with a longing of democracy , The tragedy of Asma, the massacred daughter of senior Muslim Brotherhood politician Mohammad al-Beltagy, cannot be forgotten and Lebanon and Tunisia are also at the cannons end  were fabricated. Also reporter made a word to word translation of the expression "süt liman" as milk port, which means everything is calm. çi börek k1ymal1 börek hünkar beendi mercimek çorbas1 yayla çorbas1 havuçlu kek bebek yemekleri yemek tarifleri