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blowing fuse at battery
Posted by doodah on 07-02-2014 11:53 PM:

I have an RE 4 ch amp I think 100x4 and a Hifonics Brutus 1600D. The RE is running off 8ga wire out of a distribution block and the Hifonics is running 2ga from the same dist block and I have 2ga wire running from the battery to the dist block with an 80amp AGU fuse. If I crank it up the fuse blows after a couple of minutes and I have completely melted a couple of fuse holders. The amp is running 2 Pioneer 4ohm DVC 12s rated at 1000 watts so I am running at 1ohm. Do I need a bigger fuse, heavier wire, or should I wire the amps separately to the battery and do away with the dist block? It sounds really clean and very loud but only for half a song before it blows!