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Subs for 2ohm Amp
Posted by knightrider on 07-22-2014 10:34 PM:

I have a kicker zx750.1 that I installed in my super duty crew cab. I went with this amp because the original plan was to run an l7 in a box between the front and back seats. long story short after playing around with a few enclosures, the l7 didn`t sound right in a small sealed box, and rather than trying to design a ported box for that sub, i picked up a dual 10 ported box approx 1cf per chamber. Now the problem. I need either 2dvc 2ohm subs or single 4ohm to see a 2ohm load. up here in the snowy north i`m having a hell of a time trying to find either or, and also because the box is kinda small, it seems that most subs need around 1.2 cf in a ported config. Questions: Is it better to run 2 single 4 ohm subs in parallel, or 2 dvc subs in series parallel to see 2ohm? Sound quality effected between the two? Also, i was looking at a 10w3 and jl recommends 1.2cf for ported. I`m a little shy of that, so would that also have a drastic effect on sq? thanks in advance......