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sidefire sealed box.
Posted by knightrider on 08-17-2014 02:40 AM:

i picked up a pair of sundown ev2 10`s(dual 2ohm) that are running off a kicker zx750.1. I have a f350 supercab and i`m putting the box between the front and rear seats. i have a prefab dual slot ported box approx 2cf and i built a sealed box around the same size. i tried the subs in the ported box and they sound a little muddy, than i put them in the sealed box and they sound better but not what i was hoping for. right now the sealed box is not chambered, but i wanted to mod it to sidefire from each end, so i`m assuming that i will have to chamber it, but my question is will sidefiring maybe give me a little more punch, or does the direction of the subs make any difference? just a side note: its really hard to get that hard hitting bass in my truck than it was with my last car.