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solutions for workforce management
Posted by sabunkopugu on 10-26-2014 05:44 AM:

The industry has lately taken a leap forward with the release of the latest generation of products. There are quite a few competitors who are looking to pass Kronos, one of the leaders in the field. One of them is Synel, which has launched a very competitive system for workforce management and is breathing neck-to-neck with Kronos to see who will be the industry winner in the coming years. Synel's solution includes modules for time and attendance, attendance apps, and all kinds of HR management solutions that is sure to put smiles on the faces of managers everywhere. They will be able to see how much is to be gained in productivity and efficiency, while keeping costs down. From my experience, nothing makes a manager on a tight budget happier. Shareholders will also receive the news with a great deal of optimism as SYnel's solutions for workforce management of time and attendance, security and more will see a surge for the company's stocks and perhaps change the industry for the better.