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New car...... Front stage help
Posted by josalbrec on 12-31-2014 09:05 AM:

Hello Everyone, I have been out of the car audio game for a while. I recently purchased a 14' RAV4 and want to start with a front stage upgrade. I will be adding an amp probably 75 wats per channel. My previous set-up was diamond audio all around in an 02' celica (12 years old and died). Here are the new comps I am considering Image dynamics ctx 65's, Morel Maximo 6, Morel tempo's (a little out of my range), CDT cl-61a-25, Jbl p660c. I prefer sound from a silk dome tweeter and listen to mostly jazz/rock/classical. I prefer a very detailed, accurate sound that is smooth and balanced. I would appreciate thoughts from owners of the above models or a recommendation for a comp set that is below $250 that would have the same smooth sound. Thank you