Finances are here. Time to start ordering. PICS and VIDS to come! What is for sure: 2 Fi Audio IB3 18's, each in their own 128 cubic foot box (before displacement) with a 12" sonotube port 48" long ( to begin with, will cut down raising tuning over time) resulting in a 6.5Hz tune! Dual EP2500's or EP4000's.

I am building from the floor up... scratch. I need a solid 7.1 receiver capable of more than 110 watts per channel. I plan on building MT's or MMT's designed by Kevin with Exodus Anarchy's. IDK about using a HP filter yet.. but I may go as high as 15Hz with the tune...I'll start low and have myself some fun and learn all the way up to 15Hz.

I'd like some input on the receiver... THX Ultra Certified preffered.. but $500-$600ish seems a good price point. I would also like some input from you guys on a new PC with Blu Ray and whatever I'd need to run REW and connect it to a 40" LCD HDTV.

Got a new hard drive at Best Buy today, grabbed War of the Worlds while I was there... (BTW do I want to play it in DTS or Dolby Digital?) and looked at pro audio amps, PC's, monitors, flat panel TVs... and I saw a sony 7.1 770 watt strdn1000 with 4 hdmi 1080i upscaling 110rms x 7@8ohms r2d2.... any good?

I'll also be building a van walled off with 4 IB3 18's.... ported and tuned to 15Hz most likely. See the Car Audio section for it's build log! Lots of batteries and amps going in there, and some Adire Audio Extremis 6.4's and CSS FR125S's! 10X's the power needed...