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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource
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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource
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Car Audio - Recommended Tweaking & Testing CDs

- Stereophile magazine CDs (especially the second one)
Classical, jazz, test tones, specifically designed to tweak audio systems.
- Sheffield/Autosound 2000 CDs - especially "My Disk" and "Amplifier Setting CD"
Jazz, classical, test tones, used to set and check everything.

IASCA Set-up Disk
Great reference CD to tweak all aspects of your audio system, especially if you are into competition.

- Chesky Records - "Guide to Critical Listening - The Ultimate Demonstration Disk"
Jazz, classical, etc.  This CD guides you through the different tracks.  Check an audiophile quality system.
- Chesky Records - "Jazz Sampler Vol 1"
Half of the CD is impeccably recorded music and the other half has different tests.

Testing Limits of Audio System

- Cincinnati Pops Orchestra - "The Great Fantasy Adventure Album"
Movie soundtracks.  Dynamics!  Takes your system to the limit.  Check the Jurassic Park tracks for high SPL.
- Kitaro - "Kojiki"
Jazz/Japanese music.  Transients in the lower and upper ranges.
- Rusted Root - "When I Woke"
Pop.  Lower-end transients (bass and midbass)
- Morphine - "Yes"
Rock.  A lot of bass guitar and horns.  Will push mids and midbases to the limit.
- Tchaikovski - "1812 Overture, Nutcracker"
Classical.  Dynamics, staging and imaging.  Listen to the cannons at the end of 1812 Overture.
- Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Blood Sugar Sex Magic"
Rock.  Dynamics, lower end (kick drum and bass guitar should be distinguishable).

Audio CDs

- Focal CD:  "Disque de Demostration - Focal Automobile - No 1"
The best reference disk you can own.  Different types of music to test staging, imaging and detail.
- Sheffield/Autosound 2000 CDs - "Drive"
Another great reference CD.  Jazz, classical, used to check everything
- Boston Acoustics CDs - Especially the first 3 (jazz mix, bass and imaging)
They might be very hard to find, but are worth getting.
- Roundup Records - "Roundup the Unusual Suspects"
Sampler - all kinds of music.  Transients, vocals, etc.
- Northern Exposure - "Music From the Television Series"
Rock, classical, pop, jazz, etc.  Dynamics (track 7), overall balance.
- Chesky Records - "The Collection Series No. 1" and "The Vocal Collection"
Jazz.  Transients, vocals, staging and imaging.
- Basia - All her CDs
Jazz/pop.  Transients, female vocals.
- Ray Obiedo - "Iguana"
Jazz.  Good to test dynamics, bass/midbass transition.
- Acoustic Alchemy - "Back on the Case"
Jazz with acoustic guitars.  This CD has a lot of detail for midrange testing.
- Spyro Gyra - "Collection"
Latin jazz.  Dynamics, staging and imaging.  Use to test limits of midbass drivers.
- Fourplay - "Between the Sheets"
Jazz.  Test bass/midbass transition.  Lots of bass guitar.
- Dire Straits - "Money for Nothing"
Rock.  If you have any problems in your lower end, the title song will bring them out.
- Commitments - "Original Motion Picture Soundtrack"
Rock.  Test vocals, staging, system dynamics.
- Diane Schuur -  "Love Walked In"
Jazz.  Great CD to test vocals (midrange performance).
- Nana Mouskouri - "Veille Chansons de France"
Easy Listening.  Vocals, high frequency details.
- Cats - "Selections From the Original Broadcast"
Broadway musical.  Vocals.  Test the limits of your mids, overall balance.   Should sound very natural.
- Guys and Dolls -  "The New Broadcast Recording
Another Broadway musical.  Vocals and great music. 


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