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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource
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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource
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About (OCAC)
The Online Car Audio Competition (OCAC) is the first and only online car audio competition in the world. It lets beginners, enthusiasts, installers and car audio professionals to compete 24/7 without the loss of personal time and travel expenses.

Members can simply create an install gallery of their car audio system or installers can post galleries for each of their installs. Anyone posting an Install Gallery automatically competes passively. You can compete actively by challenging others to Head2Head challenges to earn more competition points.

Best of all, unlike most traditional competitions, there is no annual membership fees or cost to the competitors, and you can shar your install with over 2 million visitors and have the chances to win trophies and prizes.

How it Works
Create an install gallery for your car audio system or if you’re an installer create a gallery for each of your installs, there's no limit on the number of galleries a member can compete with.

Competition is divided into four classifications based on the number of subwoofers in the vehicle.

 OCAC Classifications
Class 1: One subwoofer.
Class 2: Two subwoofers.
Class 3-4: Three or Four subs.
Class 5+: Five or more subwoofers.

All install galleries are scored by Internet Visitors, Members, Certified Judges and Pro-Judges, all having different levels of scoring power.

 OCAC Competition Score Power
Non-Members/Visitor: 1X point factor/200 points max.
Members: 2X point factor/400 points max.
Certified Judges: 4X point factor/800 points max.
Pro-Judges: 6X point factor/1200 points max.

Winners are determined by point leaders in all four classes at the end of each competition cycle (currently once every three months) and trophies are awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in each class and a best of show for highest overall points.

Getting Started
Become a Member:
First, if your not already a member you need to join and activate your free membership by clicking the validation link in the registration email.

Add Your Members Profile Photo (optional):
Once you’re a member, it's a good idea to post a members profile photo first and have it activated before you start any install gallery. Galleries will receive 200 bonus points if you have an active profile photo first, please note that the members photo must be activated before you start any gallery to receive your bonus points.

Create Install Gallery:
When in the "My Install Gallery" section of your account click the link "Add New Photo Gallery" to start your gallery. It's very important to fill out the new gallery form as completely as possible. Entering the vehicles year, make and model, optional vehicle nickname, installer(s) names, equipment used , classification and a good install description or summary. Don't skip these details because they become very important to the overall scoring process of your install gallery.

You can allow other members to post comments to your gallery and still have the option to pre-approve all comments before they show on your gallery, this allows you the control to remove unfavorable comments.

Upload Photos:
Upload as many photos of the install as you like. Good quality pictures, photo title and description are the most important keys to doing well in this competition.

H2H Competition
Head2Head challenges are one of the must exciting parts of OCAC competition. Competitors challenge each other in Head2Head battles for a set amount of points. A competitor can wager as high as 3000 points in a H2H challenge, but is limited to the amount that the challenger and opponent have available to wager from their current points.

The wager amount is set by the challenger and must be accepted or can be rejected by the opponent. Once a challenge is set the battle runs 72 hours and is determined by the install gallery with highest H2H votes. If you win the battle the wagered points are added to your total competition points, if you lose, the wager amount is deducted from your points.

Remember that OCAC competition is won by the highest points and H2H challenges can help level the playing field for many competitors. It allows the most modest and basic system to generate enough points in the competition to win over some of the bigger and more elaborate installs.

Participating in H2H battles is optional to all competitors and is set when you first enter your install gallery details. If you decide later you no longer like to receive challenges you can always edit your gallery to not except H2H challenges. You should read the "Competition Strategy" section before entering into any H2H challenges.

To challenge a gallery, just visit the install gallery you like to challenge and click the "H2H battles" button at the top of the gallery and then on the H2H battles page, click the "Challenge this Install" button. Now select your install gallery and then select the amount you like to wager and submit the challenge.

One of the must exciting things about OCAC competition is that any-one can participate in judging the install galleries. In OCAC competition there are 4 levels of judging, Visitor or Non Member, Members, Certified Judges and Pro-Judges, all having different score power.

 OCAC Competition Score Power
Non-Members/Visitor: 1X point factor/200 points max.
Members: 2X point factor/400 points max.
Certified Judges: 4X point factor/800 points max.
Pro-Judges: 6X point factor/1200 points max.

To become a Certified Judge you must take the OCAC Judges Certification Test and pass with a score of 85% or better, at least 22 right out of 26 questions. The questions are all straight forward and cover basic OCAC information and the information below.

Pro-Judges are Certified Judges that have judged 200 or more vehicles and have an active member's photo, all certified judges that have judged 200 or more vehicles automatically become Pro-Judges which doubles their voting power.

Certified Judges have a 4X point factor that allows them to award up to 800 points. A Pro-Judge has a 6X point factor that allows them to award up to 1200 points, this is 6 times the amount of the average voter.

Members, Certified Judges and Pro Judges can all vote on their own install galleries, but can only award a maximum of 200 points. In order to judge your own gallery you must logout of your members account and vote as non-members allowing only 200 points maximum to be awarded to them.

Before ranking any install you should review the complete gallery and have good understanding of all scoring categories. The information below details each scoring category and what a judge should be looking for and scoring on.

Scoring Categories:
Photo Presentation:

OCAC competition relies very heavily on photo presentation, it's one of the four highest point awarding categories and it directly affects all the categories. When ranking the category "Photo Presentation", the gallery should have good clear photos showing the complete system and vehicle inside and outside. Do the photos give you a tour of the vehicle? Do they take you through the whole system? These are things you should be looking for.

Gallery & Photo Details:
When judging "Gallery & Photo Details" looking for good install details, photo descriptions, and any names of installers and a list of all car audio equipment installed. All photos should have a title and explain all items in each photo. If a gallery lacks any of these details it should be reflected in a lower score.
System Design & Layout:
When judging "System Design & Layout" you’re looking for good system balance, for example 1500 watts on a 15" pair subs in the truck and a pair of 3½ in dash running off the head unit, this would not be good system balance. Does the system have proper power distribution and fusing? Does the system exhibit good ease of use, are all the components easily accessible, etc?
Installation Quality:
Is the system going to fall apart? Are there wires loose or hanging about? Does the system have dangling wires or exposed copper? Is there attention to detail? Does the system interfere with the normal use of the vehicle? These are some of the things you should look for when scoring on installation quality.
All components of the system should be properly fixed there should not be any risk to travel in the car. To score well the installation should be completed and not "under construction". The car and the interior should be clean and vacuumed, neatness does count.
Installation Creativity:
Does the install exhibit unique creativity such as custom fiberglassing, speaker pods, door panels, and custom sub box design? These all apply to the "Installation Creativity" category.
Cosmetic Integration:
A car audio system should blend well with the vehicle and its interior. Do the components, installation and general appearance match the cosmetic theme of the entire installation?
Quality of Equipment:
When scoring on "Quality of Equipment" it mostly relies on your personal opinion and preferences. Equipment would refer not only to system components but the wiring, connectors, cables and power distribution also.
Look for overall multimedia impression the entire system generates to you. When scoring this category a system with no multimedia features would score low. A system with a head unit with built in video monitor would score better, but a system with features like integrated video game system, mobile navigation or headrest monitors should score much higher.
Hi-Performance Upgrades:
When looking for high performance upgrades look for upgrades like gauges, exhaust, tires and wheels, brake, clutch, fuel system upgrades, cam gears, turbo kits etc...
Exterior Appearance:
A clean exterior with no dents, scratches or rust is one of the must important things when judging exterior appearance. Body-side moldings, spoilers, custom paint and other exterior upgrades all apply to this category.

The information below shows the scoring card point scale for all categories. You can see by using the point scale below for example, if you where Pro-Judge and you gave a score of 6 for photo presentation the formula (3 X 6 X 6 = 180) would be 3 time the score of 6, multiplied by 6 for being a Pro-Judge. Good for the judges they don't have to calculate these numbers the scoring system does it for you. Judges just have to score all categories a score 1 thru 10, ten being the best.

 Scoring Card Points
Photo Presentation: (3 Points) X (Score Given) X (Type of Judge)
Gallery & Photo Details: (3 Points) X (Score Given) X (Type of Judge)
System Design & Layout: (3 Points) X (Score Given) X (Type of Judge)
Installation Quality: (3 Points) X (Score Given) X (Type of Judge)
Installation Creativity: (2 Points) X (Score Given) X (Type of Judge)
Cosmetic Integration: (2 Points) X (Score Given) X (Type of Judge)
Quality of Equipment: (1 Points) X (Score Given) X (Type of Judge)
Multimedia/Video: (1 Points) X (Score Given) X (Type of Judge)
Hi-Performance Upgrades: (1 Points) X (Score Given) X (Type of Judge)
Exterior Appearance: (1 Points) X (Score Given) X (Type of Judge)

Car Audio Box Design ProgramsOCAC Judge Certification Test

Competition Strategy
Good Gallery:
The most important part of competing is not just a good car audio system, it's having a good install gallery. Put all the photos needed to show the full install and the work that was done. All gallery and photo details and description is a must.

High Ranking:
The main objective in OCAC competition is to get the highest points in your class. Even though a gallery may have a high overall ranking it doesn't make it the winner. A high overall ranking does help expose a gallery to more voters. By being on the list of top ranked installs gives it more voter exposure. As part of actively competing it's suggested that you encourage your friends, family and coworker to visit your gallery and rank it high. This can helps some competitors create a more competitive advantage for themselves.

Earning Bonus Points:
Bonus points are received when you start a gallery, by logging in each day, having a members profile photo, having 12 or more install photos and every time a new visitor views a gallery. It's highly recommended you take full advantage of these bonus points.

 Bonus Points
Starter Points: 100 Points
Daily logins: 200 Points
Members Profile Photo: 200 Points
Verified Install: 1000 Points
12 or more photos: 2000 Points
Gallery Visitors: 10 points per visitor per day

The minimum bonus points a new gallery can receive is 100 points, which is the starting points. To insure that your gallery or galleries receive all the maximum bonus points, follow the details listed below. By simply logging in each day all your galleries will receive 200 bonus points, so don't forget to login. Before you begin a new gallery you should post your members profile photo and wait for it to be verified to insure you receive your 200 profile photo points. These bonus points are also received at the beginning of each new competition cycle. Your gallery also receives 1000 bonus points when the installation has been verified. Once your gallery is completed you should upload the validation photo for verification. These points also recur each new competition cycle.

It is highly recommended that you post at lease 12 install photos to receive 2000 bonus points. Having a high number of good photos can also help your galleries scoring. These points are also added to your beginning of each new competition cycle.

Each time a gallery is visited each day it receives 10 bonus points per visitor, so you and all your friends should visit the gallery each day to build points. Setting your home page of your browser to your install gallery page is a great way not to forget to visit your gallery and gain those points, tell your friends also.

Remember that having an active members profile photo, verified install and over 12 or more gallery photos will insure that you automatically receives the maximum bonus points of 3300 at the start of each new competition cycle.

H2H Challenges:
When it come to the strategy of OCAC competition its all about the Head2Head Challenges. It's also one of the most interesting and interactive parts of the competition.

The H2H strategy is straight forward; find an install gallery close or similar to yours. If you feel that their install is a little better, wager less. If you feel that your install is better wager more. If your wager is too high and your install is clearly better, you risk the chance of the challenge being rejected.

Once your challenge is accepted it's time to tilt the scales by contacting your friends, family and coworkers to vote for your install.

Promoting your install gallery is another way to have a competitive advantage over other installs. The more voters in general you have voting on your install the better. High scores or low, they all build more points.

To begin promoting your car audio system’s gallery to your network of friends, family and coworkers. Let them know of your install gallery and any H2H competitions you have going. You can also promote your car audio system by placing promotional banners and buttons that are provided, that link directly to your install gallery or Head2Head challenges. You can place these banners on your website, in car audio forum or anywhere else on the net. Just simply copy the code provided and paste it into your website. We are not suggesting the use of spam email or spamming forums and newsgroups. Please promote your installs and H2H’s in a responsible way.

1. The Gallery's title must be something descriptive or referring to the vehicle. It must not be an advertisement for your business or your website.
2. Install gallery must have at least two photos to compete. The main photo of your gallery should be one that represents the the vehicle or the entire installation. Main photo must NOT contain any models posing with the vehicle. No miscellaneous photos that have nothing to do with the vehicle or its install are not allowed. The Install Galleries are not meant to be a place to display personal photos. Please use only photos of the vehicle or installation related photos.
3. Multiple install gallery entries from the same person are allowed. You may use as many galleries as you want to displaying different installations in different vehicles, but only one vehicle per gallery is allowed. Each Install Gallery should represent an installation in only one (1) vehicle.
4. Only one gallery per vehicle is allowed. For example, if the same vehicle is entered by the owner and also by the installer, the owner gallery takes preference and the installer’s gallery will be removed. Also, if the same vehicle is entered by two installers that both worked on the same install, the galley entered first takes preference and the other gallery will be removed.
5. Competitors must enter the install gallery in the appropriate classification any gallery in the wrong classification will not be eligible to win trophies or prizes. Any gallery in the wrong classification if not corrected will be removed.
6. Only verified install galleries are eligible to win trophies or prizes.
7. Install is not required to be finished.
8. Competitors do not have to own the vehicle he/she is competing with, for example the installers can compete with the owner’s vehicle. It is highly recommended that you have received the owner’s permission first.
9. By entering this competition, each competitor accepts and agrees to be bound by these rules. is not responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate information, whether caused by website users or human error which may occur in the processing of the OCAC competition. and Online Connexions, Inc. are not responsible for any problems or technical malfunctions of any computer systems, servers or providers, computer equipment or software on account of technical problems or traffic congestion on the Internet or combination thereof, including injury or damage to members or to any other persons computer related to or resulting from participating or downloading materials in this competition. reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel or suspend the competitions should a virus, bug, computer or other problem beyond the control of corrupt the administration, security or proper execution of the competition. All gallery photos and text become the property of
10. reserves the right to disqualify any OCAC competitor determined to be competing under false pretences or in violation of OCAC rules.
11. Winners will be notified by email. All trophies and prizes must be claimed within 30 days. All unclaimed prizes will be forfeited. Prizes may be mailed at the discretion of is not responsible for the failure or tardiness of prizes delivered via US Postal Service. All winners must be 18 years of age or older. All prizes are non-transferable and void where prohibited by law. Winners understand and agree that they are responsible for any and all taxes incurred on prizes received. assumes no responsibility or liability for damages loss or injury resulting from acceptance or use of the prize.
12. Release and Indemnification. In exchange for the right to participate in the OCAC competition, each participant agrees to release and indemnify and Online Connexions, Inc., and its officers, directors, agents, parent companies, subsidiaries and employees, from any and all claims, demands and/or causes of action of any nature or kind whatsoever, whether presently known or unknown, foreseen or unforeseen, that arise out of the participant's participation in the competition.
13. By entering, you agree to these rules and the decisions of, which are final and binding in all respects.

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