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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource
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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource

1997 Mercury Cougar XR7 Thirtieth Anniversary

Thirtieth Anniversary Thunder, KickerKitty's
Class: 2 |  Verified: YES |  Points: 9390 |  H2H Wins: 11 |  Rank: 7.0 |  Hits: 6201
Install Details
The Juiceman (me)

Premier Reference Series DEH-P880PRS HU
Premier Reference Series PRS-X720 Amps (two)
Boston Acoustics Pro60 Components
Soundstream BX-10 Processor

Massive sound deadening all over.
Grounded and Shielded RCAs

It's simple. I have Pioneer Premier Reference Series hardware, so my signal could not possibly be any better. I have Boston Acoustics components to assure faithful, and LOUD reproduction. I have deadening all over the car to assure no resonance, echoes, or rattles. The wiring is ground and shielded against interference, and it is some of the best available. My subs are time-tested and proven. If you think CVR's can't be musical, you havn't been in my ride. Overall, it's a very nice combo. Enjoy!

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 Photo Posted: Apr 25,2006   Photo Viewed: 494 Pages(1): [1]  
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Comment Posted By:  Donsway on Sep 30,2006  
Comment Posted By:  Luther on May 08,2006  
Hey kickerkat - tell me again which Boston components you have? I'm looking at the pro50s for my front doors, powered by a RF p2002 amp (78 rms per channel) - think that would be a good call?
Comment Posted By:  loumill on Apr 25,2006  
Drop me an email, I kow you have something up your sleve!!!!
Comment Posted By:  KickerKitty on Apr 24,2006  
Thanks man, I really truly appreciate that.
Comment Posted By:  Pioneer~Saturn on Apr 24,2006  
Man, i feel sorry for you and that incounter down there with Britt. My sympothy. I'll just let her win whenever we're in a H2H. Its not worth all that typing. Good luck keeping her off your back.
Comment Posted By:  loudzzz on Apr 24,2006  
me and my buddy r doing all the fiber and work... ill be posting more new pics of the trunk lid with two 10" monitors soon.. check bvack
Comment Posted By:  johny24 on Apr 23,2006  
man the cvx sounds amazing, only problem is even though i sound deadened the rear deck, the metal on the inside is goin crazy and my false floor is rattling too. I have quite a bit more work to do haha
Comment Posted By:  jaboran on Apr 23,2006  
lol... wow.. someone was having a bad day
Comment Posted By:  loumill on Apr 23,2006  
Damn, an exciting late night romp with the locals!!! Tall me what you think of the gallery
Comment Posted By:  KickerKitty on Apr 23,2006  
Would that happen to be a temp prefab box, oh I don't know, like mine maybe? lol. Don't be a sore loser Brittany, just go away. I won the H2H, you didn't, so sorry but that's just how it went!
Comment Posted By:  KickerKitty on Apr 23,2006  
Sorry, I'm not a post whore. Reread my profile, it says my trunk airspace is ported through the back dash. And my cars rear speakers are in the sides sweety. And CVR's? They're $75 woofers, we all know that.
Comment Posted By:  KickerKitty on Apr 23,2006  
I really seriously doubt you're going to beat me in sound quality or output, you have nice equipment to be sure, but the stuff I have is about as good as commercial products get. If you're happy with what you got, you're doing fine.
Comment Posted By:  frpower on Apr 21,2006  
voted for you on your hth,21-8 your favor,take care.
Comment Posted By:  loumill on Apr 21,2006  
Looking good, can't rate you again but I wanted to let you know that I reposted
Comment Posted By:  johny24 on Apr 19,2006  
hey, just wondering if you got those rare speakers from indo audio you mentioned. I just got the BX-10, thank god haha your cars lookin nice as always, peace
Comment Posted By:  KickerKitty on Apr 19,2006  
Thanks for the kind words Yoda, yea, I will tell you a secret. Soon there is going to be a lot of new woodwork in my trunk. I just would rather sort out the equipment I will use first.
Comment Posted By:  locolopro on Apr 19,2006  
looks awesome lot of good work put into it i bet.gave ya 1200points..rate mine sumtime..laterz
Comment Posted By:  yoda06 on Apr 18,2006  
You have any other hobbies man? lol. Everytime I check your car out something's different. Still keeping it clean. Carpet over the dynamat should be a next goal. Car would look slick as hell.
Comment Posted By:  bassaholic on Apr 16,2006  
Stopped by, for a short while. thought i'd check out some of the installs. Still lookin nice man. keep up the good work. I moved over to realm of excursion forums. And sold my system this week! still got the bx-10
Comment Posted By:  KickerKitty on Apr 15,2006  
yea, it's in and it's badder than hell, this 880prs is fawkin sweet, imagine it with two PRS amps ;)

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