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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource

2002 Jeep Liberty

El Zapcomobil, nak45z's
Brownsville, TX US
Class: 5+ |  Verified: NO |  Points: 20070 |  H2H Wins: 4 |  Rank: 5.8 |  Hits: 6997
Install Details
Audio Designs of Brownsville Texas

Nakamichi CD 400, Zapco SX-SL, Zapco SXL-4, Zapco C2K 2.0, C2K 6.0,and 2 C2K 9.0, 2 pairs of Canton Tweeters QS series, 2 pairs of Alumapro ALC's 5.25's, 4 Alumapro Alusonic 8" Subwoofers, 2 Alumapro RX12 Subwoofers.

I wanted the install to look as stealth as possible, as if it was OEM. I also wanted to compete in the lowest power class as possible, till i went crazy, and went out of control....

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Nakamichi CD 400
Nakamichi CD400 is being use for its clarity. The head unit is connected to the Zapco SP7-SL Signal Processor. I have also connect a set of RCA to the input to connect a Video IPod.
 Photo Posted: Aug 28,2005   Photo Viewed: 1293 NEXT PHOTO  
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Comment Posted By:  pandawill567 on May 22,2013  
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Comment Posted By:  soundman27 on Dec 14,2007  
beautiful setup from an audiophile's heart. like the fact you hid two amps instead of trying to cram em together. very perrrty
Comment Posted By:  go'n'def on Apr 11,2007  
hi mate, gave you 1200 points, im currently in 2nd place and need some people to rate me could you do that for me please...let me no if you do...thanks mate
Comment Posted By:  grrcracker on May 09,2006  
good stuff that zapco comp. wish we put more of it in;) all 10s here. check out my installs sometime.
Comment Posted By:  nak45z on May 02,2006  
No Dsp6 yet...., having the sub box rebuild again, and relocating all the amps...dsp6 coming soon after.. truck has been in the shop again, two weeks to be exact. thanks for the points.
Comment Posted By:  Andrewm on May 02,2006  
Did you get your DSP6-SL? Gave you 800points!
Comment Posted By:  Andrewm on May 01,2006  
It's all done, take a look.
Comment Posted By:  ALLORIONS on May 01,2006  
ZAPCO is da shit! top points again from me!
Comment Posted By:  LeofromtheH on Apr 18,2006  
i like the setup. especially the doorpanels! they look sick. i'm from weslaco, right around brownsville, there alota shows down there in that area? good pts. frm me, get bak atme if ya can
Comment Posted By:  Donsway on Apr 07,2006  
I will look into it. If I do I will let you know. Never been to state capitol, been going to go. It will be a heatwave in July. Is it nice down there? Any family type stuff to do swim, camp?
Comment Posted By:  fordfreak on Apr 06,2006  
That's some damm sweet equipment.All tens
Comment Posted By:  phatmac03 on Apr 04,2006  
yo man if u gonna do heatwave why do one of the biggest shows in the summer showfest in greenville mississippi its wild off the chain and from what i heard they are haveing a sound comp
Comment Posted By:  nak45z on Apr 04,2006  
Hey, I am planning of going to the heatwave car show in austin.. are you planning of going...sometime in july..
Comment Posted By:  Donsway on Apr 01,2006  
Hey, cool I logged out and tryed and it took it. Only 200 point but still all 10s. Fun to speak different languages with you. LOL Stay cool this summer.
Comment Posted By:  Donsway on Apr 01,2006  
Damn it will not let me, sorry. GO TEXAS!!!!
Comment Posted By:  Donsway on Apr 01,2006  
There is some way that some can vote over and over. I have got over 100 votes in one night??? Some are good votes some are all 1s. I was hoping it would be fixed but not yet. Going to try and give you some points.
Comment Posted By:  nak45z on Apr 01,2006  
I basically said, htf did that happen, and wtf would do that with the points.
Comment Posted By:  Donsway on Mar 31,2006  
What did you say in the post? My translate key was out. LOL I tryed but would have had to ask the neighber but did not know if it was safe to. Took some time to do that in French was my first time. Don't know if it means anything but I gave it a shot.
Comment Posted By:  nak45z on Mar 31,2006
Comment Posted By:  nak45z on Mar 31,2006  

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