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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource

1992 Honda Civic

Civic GS-R, nuggets's
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Install Details
Alex Kasprzak

MTX 6500D Amp Alpine MRP-T220 Apline 10" Type-R Infinity Reference 5 1/4 in the rear Audiobahn somethings in the front All Tsunami wiring

Just amped the rears and added my 10" sub in. So far I enjoy doing car audio and I am slowly getting better at it.

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Comment Posted By:  Frogsdabomb89 on Mar 02,2008  
wow that is such a sweet idea for an inclosure! dropped 10's! check out mine when you can :)
Comment Posted By:  ClockworkCustoms on Mar 12,2006  
man, who made the sub box?? im thinking of doing the same thing, let me know.
Comment Posted By:  hiace11 on Jan 24,2006  
hi u have a very nice sub box but the wiring can do some touching up though but overall to me u have a very cool install man cheer if u have time pls check out my install man and drop me a comment tks
Comment Posted By:  hawkins6423 on Nov 26,2005  
hey where do you pick up one of those clear boxes?
Comment Posted By:  rw9122 on Nov 24,2005  
i really like the sub box. love the car! the rest is needs to be cleaned up. spin the sub box so the wires don't show.
Comment Posted By:  peeaanuut on Nov 23,2005  
I like the box. Its definately an ohh-ahh piece. Some illumination would look that great at night. I think the wires could use a bit more hiding, But overall a nice install and good selection of equipment. Gave ya some high points. Check out my ride if yo
Comment Posted By:  bcscaraudio on Nov 23,2005  
Nice equipment. love the box, but too many wires exposed. Speaker wires running out bottom of box would be better. Overall still a great install
Comment Posted By:  ALLORIONS on Nov 23,2005  
WOW! i got love for the box and sub! i used plexi on my box to, check it out if you get a chance and tell me what you think
Comment Posted By:  nuggets on Nov 23,2005  
The plexiglass box is held down by velcro. it's already pretty damn heavy so it stays put pretty well..
Comment Posted By:  nuggets on Nov 23,2005  
Thanks for all the nice comments. I really didn't think it was anything that special. I have done a few installs with just running wires and hooking up subs and amps and what not but this was the first time I mounted anything and also amped some speakers.
Comment Posted By:  lilman1369 on Nov 23,2005  
does that sub happen to be bolted down or anything?
Comment Posted By:  jaboran on Nov 22,2005  
nice sub.. nice amp powering the sub.. neat box... i simply like the install.. like u said" it needs some cleaning".. but i like the stuff... good stuff.. good stuff
Comment Posted By:  ranmansnaple on Nov 22,2005  
that is sick nice sub dude the type R's are great that awsome how your show off the beefyness of the magnet i gave you 1200 points check out my type are system tell me what you think rate me
Comment Posted By:  lilman1369 on Nov 22,2005  
shoot not bad at all all 9's check out my install and tell me what you think.
Comment Posted By:  OnYrMrk on Nov 22,2005  
System is definately innovative. I like the whole see through thing and you are using good equipment. Looks great from my end! I too will give you 1200 for the innovation and install. Enjoy the site! Check out my Mark VIII if you get a chance.
Comment Posted By:  AlienAudio on Nov 22,2005  
That looks great! the box is unique and adds some style to the hatch. I bet your setup sounds real good. I dropped you all 10s and 1200 points to get you started. check out my prelude, rate me, and tell me what you think. welcome to the site!
Comment Posted By:  Dankman on Nov 22,2005  
I like the box alot, that would look good with my w6's, nice user name too. I threw ya some good ol points.
Comment Posted By:  sjd968 on Nov 22,2005  
nice install i like the box good gear too type R's hit hard gave ya some good ratings check out my install
Comment Posted By:  nuggets on Nov 22,2005  
trust me.. that's as clean as i can get the carpet looking without washing it... someday i might..

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