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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource
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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource

2006 Ford Escape Hybrid 4WD

Hybrid + Audio = CLEAN N LOUD!, maddrakkett's
Class: 1 |  Verified: YES |  Points: 33630 |  H2H Wins: 1 |  Rank: 5.1 |  Hits: 7997
Install Details
Chronic Car Audio, Myself

Premier DEH-P770MP HU, Memphis PR100.4 and PRD500.1, Memphis PR 5X7 coaxs and PR 10" DVC sub in Memphis slot-ported box, Soundstream silk tweeters, Directed Silver Series interconnect, SoundQuest cap and power cable, StreetWires speaker wire

1000 watt system for daily driver vehicle. Hybrid vehicle powered by 330V battery leaves less room for audio gear, but it rocks anyway! Zero air pollution... MAX NOISE POLLUTION! Equally great for for articulate soundstage or for crankin' up some Judas Priest! \m/ :D Future plans: 2 MClass 10" DVC in custom downfire configuration box for even bigger bass and better SQ with a stable 1 ohm load for my class D amp. As a hybrid 4X4, there are no fancy wheels or neon - just not my style...

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2006 Ford Escape Hybrid 4WD Titanium Green with silver cladding, added splash guards and exhaust tip. No further plans to modify exterior or add neon lighting as this is a daily driver hybrid 4WD - not its thang or mine.
 Photo Posted: Nov 26,2005   Photo Viewed: 1288 NEXT PHOTO  
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Comment Posted By:  Luther on Aug 01,2007  
Stopped by to vote you up with great points. Nice execution - we've got similar goals. I've never heard the memphis stuff, but look forward to hearing it someday.
Comment Posted By:  fordfreak on May 11,2006  
real nice install gave ya some good points
Comment Posted By:  Rhaze36 on Jan 07,2006  
I was finally able to rate ya! so here's that 1200. R
Comment Posted By:  oldsmobileman on Jan 06,2006  
Hybrid nightmare. Man they scared us on these things in the fire department training course we had to take for first responder safety. You got my points, I won't touch em'
Comment Posted By:  Rhino on Dec 28,2005  
noticed you were haveing a h2h so i droped you a point i also voted on you install to give you a 5.9 ranking from 5.8 good luck on the h2h your 28 to 2 rhino out.............
Comment Posted By:  Rhino on Dec 06,2005  
had to reject ya because just starting to build my system i got a 1.5 farad cap comeing some jvc 6.5s and a jvc deck comeing for x-mass so waiting on h2h till i got it all installed check you later though rhino out........
Comment Posted By:  SPANKYSPL on Dec 05,2005  
Thanks for the comments. I tried giving you bonus points for living in Arizona!!!!
Comment Posted By:  maddrakkett on Dec 05,2005  
Electrically it was like any other because it has a normal 12V under the hood. Only problem is with all the system computers, I hear occasional computer noises in my speakers...
Comment Posted By:  triplezoom05 on Dec 04,2005  
Memphis car audio Oh yeah! Love to see EC members doing it up! That Hyb.Battery area was perfect for what I needed for space, How bad was the set-up electrically with the hybrid? Great job
Comment Posted By:  Rhaze36 on Dec 02,2005  
And if I could vote and rate this excellent install of yours,It would get a 1200 pointer from me,This is one smooth install!!.
Comment Posted By:  Rhaze36 on Dec 02,2005  
any more. And I was planning on when that customer ever comes back,That I would get that info.But I didnt intend for Tank to compete this cycle,Everybody kept wanting me to repost Tank.But as soon as I see my old buddy again,I will get the info and repost
Comment Posted By:  Rhaze36 on Dec 02,2005  
Thanx for the comments Mad,But I lost all the info when I took the Tank and Madam Blue off the site for awhile. I cant remember what model Kenwood H/U it was,and what the brand or model number or much of snything
Comment Posted By:  missionary on Nov 30,2005  
TY for the extra pics. In a perfect world keeping that Factory HU would be perfect but sooo much more work and equipment. Excellent choice for the HU and it actually looks slick in the dash.
Comment Posted By:  njg88 on Nov 30,2005  
Yeah i just got too of those PR 15's in a sloted box. I gotem hooked up to a Power Acoustik 980 amp right now and i am hoping to get a PDR500.1 Like urs.
Comment Posted By:  AlienAudio on Nov 30,2005  
Looks great. Your install is nice and clean. I bet you get some nice mileage with that thing. you might want to consider some custom rims... that would really spice up the exterior. very nice Maddrakkett!
Comment Posted By:  maddrakkett on Nov 29,2005  
OK, I have added several pics from before the install when I bought the SUV end of August through various stages of the install where I had different head units, sub amp and sub box and different interconnects during September and October...
Comment Posted By:  maddrakkett on Nov 29,2005  
Thanks AlienAudio. I think it was from me promoting my install elesewhere, but I left the choice up to the viewers. I wish I had photos from during the install, but I didn't have my camera near by. I do have some early stage pics I can post...
Comment Posted By:  missionary on Nov 29,2005  
Pretty decent setup here. Well structured and implemented. Unarguably worthy of the points I gave you! All in a nice ride. Rate My Install
Comment Posted By:  AlienAudio on Nov 29,2005  
By the way, I really like the Memphis amps you chose! for the price they are great performers and they look nice to. looks like a nice enclosure you have there, I bet it hits nice and deep. Do you have any pics during the install? love to see em. :)
Comment Posted By:  AlienAudio on Nov 29,2005  
someone is tampering with our votes... I've been competing on here to long to not see that. pretty funny stuff. no big deal. I like your setup... I'm glad for you to get the points. :) take care man.

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