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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource

1985 Oldsmobile Cutlass

Bigbangtheory2, BadaBoom's
Youngstown, OH US
Class: 3-4 |  Verified: NO |  Points: 17740 |  H2H Wins: 2 |  Rank: 5.3 |  Hits: 5715
Install Details
Me and Dave Sabanick

Pionneer8500,SoundstormDVD,Movies2go7" Flipdown screen,All Mtx and Mbquart Highs,4 12" Audiopipe subs in custom built ported enclousure,All MTX amps and crossovers,Ohio generator 220amp alt,Big 3,Optima red and yellow tops. :)

I am putting this car on here for fun. I dont have it as it was stloen last summer just after I put in my 4 9500 Mtx 12" subs in it, hence the reason there is now pics. I have done many local shows with this car at DB Drag events. I have done 149.3 the loudest on the tl for the audiopipes. I have done 156.4 with the Mtx's in there. I miss this car and hope you enjoy the pics as alot of blood sweat and tears went into building it. Thanx for looking and dont forget to vote. Peace!

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Sitting pretty!
Here it is the day after I put my 18" Panther juice rims wrapped in Namkang rubber. What a difference rims make inhancing the looks of a vechichle.
 Photo Posted: Jan 02,2006   Photo Viewed: 999 NEXT PHOTO  
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Comment Posted By:  go'n'def on Mar 20,2007  
rated your setup for you, gave good points... cant you get a stainless steel trim piece or modify some other speaker covers. the angle and all that looks good its just the grille really. good stuff any way they would sound better than where they were...
Comment Posted By:  adam71 on Feb 19,2007  
Gave you some points bro.
Comment Posted By:  andymtx on Feb 18,2007  
Car thieves suck ASS! I like the Panther Juice's. Rated your ride too buddy.
Comment Posted By:  Puppeterr on Oct 21,2006  
Did you ever get the car back? or was it never found?
Comment Posted By:  KissMyCoupe on Aug 13,2006  
Nice Car. Gave you some good points. Check out my install and let me know what you think.
Comment Posted By:  alpinelover on Apr 29,2006  
Not Bad! Gave me a couple ideas for the 1981 cutlass that imma be buying in about a month... all 10's
Comment Posted By:  Shapeshifter on Mar 24,2006  
great work...i such a newb at upholstory though.
Comment Posted By:  bangin12s on Mar 16,2006  
Just slaped down 1,210 for ya. Sorry to hear it was stolen. Thanks for the past support too. Have you seen my new amps and other stuff??? There sweet!!! stop by and check it out, Ron. See if you can rate me too, I think you have?!?!?
Comment Posted By:  soda on Mar 10,2006  
Interestin amp rack. got good points frome.
Comment Posted By:  porkchop on Mar 09,2006  
1200 for ya......wish my cutlass was even close to this.
Comment Posted By:  mrod81 on Mar 05,2006  
i had almost the same setup with those amps !! i loved them! beautiful car too, i love those cuddys. Great job!
Comment Posted By:  eirek on Feb 23,2006  
Nice Install, Love It!
Comment Posted By:  honestabevsmrt on Jan 17,2006  
this thing's a classic beauty...the 2x4 trunk opener put the finishing touches on it, haha. Quality stuff, i rated all your intalls well
Comment Posted By:  cmeace on Jan 13,2006  
Nice job here Bada. I really like the look of those MTX amps back there. Gave you some good points. Thanks for the kind words on mine.
Comment Posted By:  missionary on Jan 08,2006  
Here I am Jesse! This ride was a looker huh? You musthave had so much fun with it. Dropped ya twelve hundred. Who needs a back seat? or trunk for that matter right? Take care I'm gonna check out your other ride now.
Comment Posted By:  salcedohumberto on Jan 06,2006  
that was a nice h2h but its just for fun bro, I actually dont care who wins im here to see great installs like this and learn from other ppl, chat around and thos rims man. take care
Comment Posted By:  torawi01 on Jan 06,2006  
Old school car, new school system. Very nice and very clean, inside and out. Big points to u.
Comment Posted By:  punkroc719 on Jan 04,2006  
That amp rack is tight. Dropping you some good points.
Comment Posted By:  mrwigglezdj on Jan 03,2006  
now thats pimp love the car lol even the wood holding up the trunk lip rated ya 10's for the love of the older school
Comment Posted By:  Dankman on Jan 03,2006  
Tight ride man, everything looks good, keep it up.

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