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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource

2004 Nissan Altima

Class: 1 |  Verified: YES |  Points: 11430 |  H2H Wins: 3 |  Rank: 5.6 |  Hits: 3436
Install Details

Alpine: CDA-9827 headunit, MRP-T220 amp, SWS-1022d sub, SPS-171a components MTX T202 amp

Self-installed every component of my car audio system. All alpines except for MTX T202 amp. SPS-171A components powered by MRP-T220 amp. SWS-1022d sub powered by MTX T202 amp. CDA-9827 headunit. Sub in a 1cF sealed box, custom made from Zenclosures. However, I did all the mounting and installation of the sub and amps.

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Alpine SWS-1022d sub, T220 amp, MTX T202 amp
 Photo Posted: Jan 29,2006   Photo Viewed: 939 NEXT PHOTO  
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Comment Posted By:  zazules on Jan 02,2007  
looks great check mine out drop you some good points.
Comment Posted By:  Luther on Jun 23,2006  
Gave you some solid points - check mine out.
Comment Posted By:  fordfreak on May 14,2006  
Nice clean install. Gave ya some good points
Comment Posted By:  ydahsmils2001 on Apr 07,2006  
Looks clean and nice, ranked yah!
Comment Posted By:  groggy23 on Feb 01,2006  
Thanks, all 10's to you!! That is a very nice clean setup. I like yours better then mine! lol Update: upgraded the MTX amp to Alpine MRD-M605 now its strictly all Alpine. Didn't have chance to get pics today stuck at work all day.. I will be updating t
Comment Posted By:  sqliberty on Feb 01,2006  
very clean, I like that, good choice in gear as well. Check out my jeep and let me know what you think.
Comment Posted By:  groggy23 on Jan 31,2006  
Thanks. Gave you a vote as well.
Comment Posted By:  DaTribUnit on Jan 31,2006  
Just gave you a H2H vote. Give my H2H's a look and throw me a vote if you feel like it.........
Comment Posted By:  dyedef1966 on Jan 31,2006  
Nice and clean..I like it!
Comment Posted By:  groggy23 on Jan 30,2006  
Comment Posted By:  torawi01 on Jan 30,2006  
Clean! big points from me.
Comment Posted By:  groggy23 on Jan 30,2006  
Thanks guys. I checked our your installs and gave all 10's to whom I could. For some I can not, there is no option for me to rate the system. Why is that?
Comment Posted By:  HouseHouseBaby on Jan 30,2006  
quite nice 800pts all 10s check me out next week. cheers
Comment Posted By:  areostar??? on Jan 30,2006  
cold cathode tubes ....very bright ...i ordered one of them off of e-bay and have not had a better light. 3x's as bright as a neon tube. nice job man.
Comment Posted By:  d666chuan on Jan 30,2006  
Very neat install man if me can get the neon tube that u have maybe can insert to my amp.1200 pts to start u off.Check out my install. :)
Comment Posted By:  groggy23 on Jan 30,2006  
Thanks. I get them from work. They're cold cathodes not neons.
Comment Posted By:  DaTribUnit on Jan 30,2006  
Nice clean install. where did you get those neon rods? anyway gave you all 9's. check out my alpine setup when you get a chance.....
Comment Posted By:  bassaholic on Jan 30,2006  
Nice clean, simple install. Love it.
Comment Posted By:  groggy23 on Jan 30,2006  
Thanks. Night shot up as requested. I have more CCFL's on the way, 8 to be exact and will come with sound activated control.
Comment Posted By:  lilman1369 on Jan 30,2006  
now something bout this install i love all 10's from me. but like aphix said you shoul try and get some night pics that would be a big bounus to the gallery. check out my installs when you get the chance and tell me waht you think.

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