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'05 Dodge Magnum

Houston, TX US
Class: 2 |  Verified: NO |  Points: 10890 |  H2H Wins: 7 |  Rank: 6.0 |  Hits: 5264
Install Details
Brian Francis, Rob Short, Roy Charles - Stereo FX

2-15" Kicker L5 2-Kicker 1200.1 2-Kicker 350.2 Kenwood DDX 7017 Pioneer Coaxials 2-13" T-view flip down monitors alot of purple LEDs

Customer had a Beautiful system with all Orions in it before. Sounded like ass. He wanted some BANG. So we gave it to him with the ported enclosure. Would of liked to do some tricked out shit in this ride. But in the real world, money and time is a factor.

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Just Kick Back and enjoy the Show!!!!

 Photo Posted: Feb 19,2006   Photo Viewed: 939 NEXT PHOTO  
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Comment Posted By:  Gamecertified on Apr 12,2006  
this is the sickest magnum out there dropped you some points check out mine sometime
Comment Posted By:  ydahsmils2001 on Apr 10,2006  
Nice looking vehicle! Clean install. Ranked you!
Comment Posted By:  Shapeshifter on Apr 03,2006  
love this ride, wish you had install picks though..gave ya great points. check mine some time
Comment Posted By:  loudzzz on Mar 23,2006  
great install looks mean.. gave ya 800 points..please rate my system thanks
Comment Posted By:  Rhaze36 on Mar 02,2006  
I know yours is better than mine and I know this should not have happened,Now I guess its my turn to be screwed with.(or yours) cause I see you havent done too well with any others either. Its a shame.No more h2hs for or with my installs untill all this h
Comment Posted By:  bassaholic on Mar 01,2006  
Just reposted my gallery, check it out and let me know what you think.
Comment Posted By:  bassaholic on Mar 01,2006  
to help ya out a bit add this to your embed properties to hide your media player. hidden="true"
Comment Posted By:  Rhaze36 on Feb 26,2006  
Thanx for the h2h challenge Brian,I know Tank dont stand a chance with this awsome ride! But what the heck,I just hope people wont play the vote game on it. R
Comment Posted By:  tcdogg on Feb 26,2006  
Accepting your challenge would be nuts. I might as well just give you 3000 pts. While i love my ride i am also realistic. It would be like me going to challenge a 7 year old to a fight. That being said I'll takeit as a compliment. Beautiful ride
Comment Posted By:  Donsway on Feb 26,2006  
I really was not going to do any H2Hs but since it is you I'm going to have too. Feel like I owe you for the nice video. Maybe you can put it back when it goes away? I'll have DSL soon so I can see This car is way nice!!!
Comment Posted By:  bassaholic on Feb 25,2006  
Man, you got the install gallery award from me. The best presentation on the site! Oh and not to forget the kickass rides to top it off! If ya ever need anything let me know. Peace.
Comment Posted By:  highwaymanace on Feb 23,2006  
This soooooo! Sweet being a Mopar man, ( cant afford one at the moment ) i have been showing this to everyone i know!! their comment most;y go like this!!! FARRRRRRRKKKKKKKKKKKK!
Comment Posted By:  mrwigglezdj on Feb 21,2006  
now this ride is hott all tens from me =D
Comment Posted By:  highwaymanace on Feb 21,2006  
Wild, Wicked & Mean, All 10s from me,,, Daz
Comment Posted By:  tcdogg on Feb 21,2006  
Beautiful car, amazing paint. Clean install, high marks from me. Check out my van and H2H's.
Comment Posted By:  eirek on Feb 20,2006  
Awesome Ride, Check out mine and let me know what you think...Love the Lambo Doors too.
Comment Posted By:  beek on Feb 20,2006  
nice magnum you put the chrysler front end on it looks good come check out my 77 stepside if you get a chance
Comment Posted By:  chrisunthank on Feb 20,2006  
That thing is incredible. It looks like it's breaking the speed limit while it's standing still. VERY high marks from me. Check mine out when you get a chance.
Comment Posted By:  HouseHouseBaby on Feb 20,2006  
bad ride man love the magnum! 800pts all 10s check out my install and H2H
Comment Posted By:  lilman1369 on Feb 19,2006  
all 10's from me i friken love it, it is definatly top 3 of my favorites.

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