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2000 Dodge Dakota Quad cab

Dayton, OR US
Class: 3-4 |  Verified: YES |  Points: 15220 |  H2H Wins: 7 |  Rank: 6.5 |  Hits: 4131
Install Details
Me and some friends

Pioneer Premier PRS880,Pioneer CDX-P1280, Boston Acoustics pro 6, Boston Acoustics Pro 5, Morel, polk 6500,2 Alpine PDX 4-150, 3 Alpine MRD-1005, 3 DD 3510 and a Custom sub box with 3 individual chambers

Here is what I have installed in my Dodge Dakota Quad cab HU is a Premier DEH-PRS880 with a Pioneer CDX-P1280 12 disk changer. The front left and right have custom door pods with 2 sets of BA pro 60 1 set of Polk reference 6500 and 1 set of Morels. For the subs I have a custom 3 chamber box holding 3 DD 3510. 2 kinetik 2400. To keep all the battery's charged I have a 200 amp alternator.

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Comment Posted By:  Quadrasteer on Oct 04,2006  
very nice, droped you all 10's...check out my 99 Dodge on here sometime..
Comment Posted By:  cjcorrea on Oct 03,2006  
Thats really nice. Good job. Check out my ride when you can. please rate it. thanks
Comment Posted By:  OrganicJ on Aug 23,2006  
All 10's. Really nice work on the bed-through. Good luck on your H2H!
Comment Posted By:  coolypr on Aug 09,2006  
Just gave you 800 points. swing by and rate me sometime, let me know what you think.
Comment Posted By:  damian72 on Aug 08,2006  
I'm going to accept the H2H even though I know I'm going to lose. Your truck is really clean. I like it...
Comment Posted By:  slimsarea on Aug 03,2006  
all 10s and a vote p.s. drop me a vote also
Comment Posted By:  bangin12s on Aug 01,2006  
1,200 points and a vote.
Comment Posted By:  bangin12s on Jun 17,2006  
How did your Q-forms fit??? Come check out my galleries when you get a few. The door pods and dash pods are done and the amp rack is wrapped. It's gonna rain tomorrow so that SUCKS!!!! Hit me back, Ron.
Comment Posted By:  fordfreak on Jun 09,2006  
Lookin good left ya 1200 points
Comment Posted By:  hammerhead on May 17,2006  
I will take some right now
Comment Posted By:  bangin12s on May 17,2006  
Got any shots of the doors????
Comment Posted By:  frpower on May 14,2006  
gave you my 1200pts.
Comment Posted By:  frpower on May 14,2006  
hey man great work on your install,top notch equipment,i almost bought the boston comps instead of my diamonds,i bet they sound great,awsome work man,check mine out if you get a chance,take care and keep up the great work.
Comment Posted By:  defnyung on May 12,2006  
Awesome! I like it alot. Good Job.
Comment Posted By:  Andrewm on May 03,2006  
Clean install.Great all around application. Amp rack is pretty cool looking. Great job!
Comment Posted By:  KickerKitty on Apr 25,2006  
Yea anyone who buys an 880PRS and uses the internal amp is pretty lame indeed. The DSP in the deck though is top notch.
Comment Posted By:  ranmansnaple on Apr 24,2006  
i made it myself its a family business yeah that would look sweet in the back like a royal blue to match the lights on those beautiful amps i could make you one it looks easy is it just a rectangle
Comment Posted By:  hammerhead on Apr 24,2006  
I like them. I'm not using the internal amp in the 880. I'm using my MRV-545 to power them.
Comment Posted By:  KickerKitty on Apr 24,2006  
Pro60's sound good on the 880PRS don't they ;) I would know... Gave you good points, and you got my vote!
Comment Posted By:  mtxxx on Apr 24,2006  
nice work...looks real clean

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