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2004 Nissan 350Z

henderson, NV US
Class: 2 |  Verified: NO |  Points: 21570 |  H2H Wins: 2 |  Rank: 6.5 |  Hits: 6034
Install Details
Steve Platt of Plattinum Audio Designs

Alpine head unit, Image Dynamics processors, ARC Audio Amplifiers-(1)XXK 4150 (3) XXK 2500, Image Dynamics CD1 Pro Compression Drivers, Image Dyanamics mid bass, Image Dynamics IDQ 12, Accele Vision monitors, and Scosche wiring.

I built this install for a customer that was sponsored by ARC Audio and Image Dynamics. I cut the rear strut brace and reinforced it with plate steel, making it stronger then stock, and fabricated an actuated bracket that moves a 15" monitor up and down. When completely down, you cant tell its even there. I used a 4" actuator, but only used 2" of stroke to get a full 16" to make the monitor go up and down. The whole rear end of the install is made from fiberglass, MDF, and 2 part shapers foam

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Comment Posted By:  PKAudio on Oct 10,2008  
In an attempt to get some of the better installs to the top, I ranked this one high. Another fabulous job, keep up the good work! Check out some of my installs when you get a chance.
Comment Posted By:  cjcorrea on Sep 06,2006  
Check out my battle. Thanks.
Comment Posted By:  RampagesZ on Sep 01,2006  
Love the install! Dropped you 800, one question? How visible are the Qtr window monitors in the day time? I came very close to doing that as well with my 300zx.
Comment Posted By:  jlaccord on Aug 31,2006  
your down 9-10 after i voted for ya.i love your car man its the shit!dropped you points but way back.peace...
Comment Posted By:  BigEars on Aug 31,2006  
Online Car Audio Competition Competitor
Comment Posted By:  wing on Aug 21,2006  
I'm nissan fans also,nice work!!!!give u all 10s
Comment Posted By:  cjcorrea on Aug 19,2006  
9-6 you're down
Comment Posted By:  cjcorrea on Aug 15,2006  
Comment Posted By:  mophead on Aug 13,2006  
nice install, check out my lancer when you get a sec. also dropped you good points...~mophead
Comment Posted By:  coolypr on Aug 09,2006  
gave you all 10's, rate mine if you have time.
Comment Posted By:  romvans on Aug 05,2006  
14-5 voted on your h2h your favor..dropped you 1200 pts as well...
Comment Posted By:  slimsarea on Aug 03,2006  
12-3 your lead with my vote and you got my points also if you get the time get mine also thanks
Comment Posted By:  mtxfan421 on Aug 01,2006  
im speachless this thing is insane, all 10s of course
Comment Posted By:  dyedef1966 on Jul 05,2006  
VERY Nice!!
Comment Posted By:  SIK63 on Jul 02,2006  
Worth? I dont know, but I know Carl has alot of money in this thing. I gave him a really good deal on the install, cant tell you how much, but it was good.
Comment Posted By:  fordfreak on Jul 01,2006  
Just curious, How much is this ride worth? It looks like something from gran turismo. I absolutely love it.
Comment Posted By:  Andrewm on Jun 29,2006  
I've looked at most of your galleries and came away very impressed. You got some skills!!! Top points. Take a look at my install....
Comment Posted By:  powerbass on Jun 22,2006  
Wow , awesome.
Comment Posted By:  CompToyZ on Jun 22,2006  
Beautiful work!
Comment Posted By:  8ball on Jun 22,2006  

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