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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource

1995 Nissan Quest

The Slug, megahurts4's
New Orleans, LA US
Class: 1 |  Verified: YES |  Points: 20760 |  H2H Wins: 7 |  Rank: 5.6 |  Hits: 6939
Install Details
Me, myself, and I

HU: Pioneer DEH-P9600MP, MAINS: Rainbow Profi CS230's/Infinity Kappa 5x7's, AMPS: JBL P180.2/BP600.1, SUB: Adire Brahma 15" Mark II, 180Amp alternator, Optima Red Top Battery, Pollak Circuit breakers

Sound is everything. I've changed many things since I've had the van. I started off with a Sony head unit and some modifications to my stock speakers (using crossovers and tweeters). And basically got bit by the car audio bug.

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Front shot
Here's my '95 Nissan Quest, not much to look at. I spray painted the hubcaps.
 Photo Posted: Nov 20,2004   Photo Viewed: 1136 NEXT PHOTO  
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Comment Posted By:  go'n'def on Apr 04,2007  
rated ya ride, nice work. check out my jl hatchback when you get a chance and rate me aswell. thanks and any h2hs you need help with just let me know. OK?
Comment Posted By:  cjcorrea on Aug 27,2006  
Very nice set up. Check out my battles and please rate my car. Thanks.
Comment Posted By:  Luther on May 18,2006  
so I want the whole system up front. I deadened and sealed my doors and that was a MAJOR improvement. You should consider it - cost me about 100.00. Check mine out in a month (overseas working...)
Comment Posted By:  Luther on May 18,2006  
Hey man, I'm doing a 96 Quest van, and used to live in NOLA! Make it ok in Katrina? I'm going with Focal KP130s in the front drs, and building a mid console for a Focal 21V2 8" sub. I keep my rear seat all the way back for the kids (limo style), so I
Comment Posted By:  missionary on Feb 25,2006  
William BIG DITTO on my last comment. Gave you full pull on points again. Your theme here..."You do it right the first time you won't be doing it again" Hit me back sometime. Take Care, Jason
Comment Posted By:  sqliberty on Feb 18,2006  
nice job, good choice in speakers. Good points from me, check out my liberty and let me know what you think.
Comment Posted By:  aimmotorsports on Feb 14,2006  
nice install... gave you some good points... check out my installs and head to head challages...
Comment Posted By:  hiace11 on Feb 01,2006  
hey bro bet u must have put in a lot of effort in creating ur install.tens point well earn from me man check out mine install if u have a chance tks
Comment Posted By:  OnYrMrk on Jan 24,2006  
Good Luck on our H2H...I am sure it is anyone's game.
Comment Posted By:  OnYrMrk on Jan 23,2006  
Thanks for the points my friend. Take all the points I just gave you and don't spend them all in one place. --Joe
Comment Posted By:  missionary on Nov 23,2005  
William, Every angle I looked at this shows an outstanding job. Genuinely appreciate your install. 10's well earned my friend! Me!
Comment Posted By:  porkchop on Oct 02,2005  
nice job. bet it sounds good. i scored you high. you should be proud of your ol'beater got me a trophy ,but just a little different class than you. check it out.
Comment Posted By:  NiteScort on May 27,2005  
i just rated your install. 800 points. thanks for the h2h mega! it only cost you 200 now.
Comment Posted By:  kuhn on May 02,2005  
I like your install. Bet those rainbows sound sweet.
Comment Posted By:  Def on May 02,2005  
you have realy good german components
Comment Posted By:  UltraCake on Apr 09,2005  
Comment Posted By:  UltraCake on Mar 04,2005  
talk about a sleeper
Comment Posted By:  megahurts4 on Feb 15,2005  
Update: I have gotten my trophy today, pics are on the bottom of page 2.
Comment Posted By:  megahurts4 on Feb 15,2005  
I used as much as I could all in one sheet and then pieced on what I needed after.
Comment Posted By:  skateralec on Feb 14,2005  
hye nice vinyl. did u vinyl each peice individually??

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