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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource
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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource

2005 Mazda 3

Houston, TX US
Class: 2 |  Verified: NO |  Points: 8230 |  H2H Wins: 0 |  Rank: 5.6 |  Hits: 2839
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 Photo Posted: Aug 18,2006   Photo Viewed: 978 NEXT PHOTO  
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Comment Posted By:  HIDBAUDIO on Nov 20,2007  
its preaty clean
Comment Posted By:  go'n'def on Apr 03,2007  
looks great,1200 points,rate me back if you get a chance please....
Comment Posted By:  kingpinkustomz on Oct 08,2006  
very good danielson hopefully i can fford somebody like you very soon!! look me up on myspace!
Comment Posted By:  mophead on Sep 01,2006  
nice clean install. you should post some more pics of the car and everything. check out my two battles and vote if you wanna. ~Mophead
Comment Posted By:  manuel92 on Aug 31,2006  
you got my vote against the 3000gt!!
Comment Posted By:  LENNYHERRERA on Aug 30,2006  
Comment Posted By:  BigEars on Aug 25,2006  
made some new stuff - check it out on my last few pages Online Car Audio Co</font></td>





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Comment Posted By:  billhofe128 on Aug 24,2006  
not bad kid but whats in the cab and whats the car look like?
Comment Posted By:  billss on Aug 24,2006  
great install!!
Comment Posted By:  Finch on Aug 22,2006  
Online Car Audio Competition Competitor
Comment Posted By:  highwaymanace on Aug 21,2006  
Yep,, flawless install.. 1200 points.. Daz
Comment Posted By:  H8er on Aug 21,2006  
Damn I hate your car. Left you all ones!
Comment Posted By:  cjcorrea on Aug 21,2006  
2-0 you're up. Check out my 2 battles. Thanks.
Comment Posted By:  bangin12s on Aug 18,2006  
The install looks great, How do them subs sound??? I'm getting two 10s for my womans ride and lookin @ a 500/1 to run them. Hit me back, Ron. Check out my ride too.
Comment Posted By:  (LOUD1) on Aug 18,2006  
i like the ten's mate... good product as well, hey what i reckon is the best about your install is the mazda logo in the back round... i'll give ya all 10's check out mine some time
Comment Posted By:  neosan on Aug 18,2006  
nice little setup u got there, what else u got?

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