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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource
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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource

1994 Hyundai Scoupe

Sports Coupe, cjsavage90's
perkinsville, VT US
Class: 2 |  Verified: NO |  Points: 16700 |  H2H Wins: 2 |  Rank: 4.3 |  Hits: 3805
Install Details
CJ Savage (Me)

Pioneer deh-2300 head unit. Jenson KD series speakers in the dash/rear deck. SPL Audio 3 farad cap. Kenwood KAC-8452 amp (800 watts/400 watts RMS) hooked up to 4 infinity 6x9's in a sealed box. Visonik 400 watt amp(300 RMS) With Visonik 10" subs sealed

I did this on a very tight budget, but I am thrilled with the sound. This was a very fun install (nothing really too hard) and it is amazingly loud and clear at high volumes. Bass response is better than I thought (although I am not a huge bass fan) and the system could not work together better :)

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Fun to play it loud
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Comment Posted By:  go'n'def on Apr 01,2007  
nice install mate. left top points, please do the same for me and tell me what you think.
Comment Posted By:  acedjp01 on Feb 19,2007  
Dropped you some points, hit me back! vote on my h2h's aswell.thanks! nice install btw.
Comment Posted By:  syzkomike on Jan 31,2007  
I could use your help on my H2H...thanks!
Comment Posted By:  nuttynutt63 on Jan 12,2007  
gave u all 10's in the ratings plus i voted 4 u in ur h2h ur up by 8 points good luck hope u do the same 4 me in my h2h.
Comment Posted By:  derekanderson2 on Jan 12,2007  
hey i love what u did with the 6X9's. Very interesting! As for the subs, love the visoniks, my bud had 2 sets of em, there nice! Nice kenwood amp too! Mono block D? Its strong eh!
Comment Posted By:  Fdomestics on Jan 12,2007  
nice that thing has to scream you got my vote check out my h2h could use the vote
Comment Posted By:  syzkomike on Dec 23,2006  
got a battle goin could use your vote bro"
Comment Posted By:  tcdogg on Dec 15,2006  
i rated you check mine out and rate me if you could thanks.
Comment Posted By:  KIAKID1979 on Dec 13,2006  
I got a H2H that ends in less than 1 hour. Plus others. Can I get some votes real quick!!!!
Comment Posted By:  KIAKID1979 on Dec 11,2006  
All 10's and my vote. 4-2 lu way though. I'll see what I can do for ya though. Check me out and vote for me in my H2H Battles.
Comment Posted By:  defient007 on Dec 09,2006  
left you some points... i commented the after effects of the car.. creative install. hope you eventually get to a new install man.
Comment Posted By:  cjsavage90 on Dec 09,2006  
Thanks bro, I will
Comment Posted By:  KIAKID1979 on Dec 09,2006  
I give you all 10's. You did it all yourself and are pround of what U did, not some stereo shop. A real Car Audio Buff! Check me out when you get the chance. I also voted for you
Comment Posted By:  Ryan21 on Dec 07,2006  
Nice work, very unique speaker setup, looks really loud when the seats are down. Check out my install. Gave you a good rating
Comment Posted By:  adambloxham on Dec 06,2006  
thats pretty cool i like the 6x9 idea has to be loud check out my h2h battle and rate my system left ya good points
Comment Posted By:  syzkomike on Dec 06,2006  
Thats a cool set up use what ya got! droped ya some points i could always use some too. Thanks.
Comment Posted By:  michanic220 on Dec 06,2006  
looks pretty loud. good install
Comment Posted By:  andymtx on Dec 06,2006  
I rated your ride, please check mine out sometime.
Comment Posted By:  highwaymanace on Dec 06,2006  
Good points from me.. Daz
Comment Posted By:  OrganicJ on Dec 05,2006  
You've got a great start. Dropped you tens to help you out. 6x9's really work great for rock in sealed enclosures. I'm making room for 4 in the doors of my truck. Good luck!

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