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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource
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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource

2001 Dodge Ram Van 1500

The Van Dam Kicks azz, edzy's
Class: 1 |  Verified: YES |  Points: 34930 |  H2H Wins: 4 |  Rank: 6.5 |  Hits: 9371
Install Details
Edzy aka (Marc)

Kenwood X890 > EQ W/5.1 Kenwood X811D > JL 13 W6V2 3 Zapco amps 2-Z100 1-Ag200 PG amp XS4600 JL amp E2150 Memphis amp PR200 Drivers, Polk DB 6x9 X's2 Boston 5.5 Beyma 6MI8 Kenwood 6x9 Pioneer 6x9 Infinity 3.5 PG TI Elite Comps 6.5

Totaled my last van, So heres the new set up.

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Overhead 2
Beyma Mid 6MI, Beyma RF Comps and Boston Comps
 Photo Posted: Jun 14,2007   Photo Viewed: 2912 NEXT PHOTO  
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Comment Posted By:  smithronnie123 on Aug 09,2010  
hi, i gave ya good points on your install. you are as crazy as me, when it comes to car audio! if ya get time rate my z24
Comment Posted By:  gee on Dec 18,2008  
my name is gee. can you let me know when show come out your way. im trying to finish my truck and be ready for some show this summer! this is my e-mail address ( thats hom you can get to me thanks. edzy hope to hear from you soon
Comment Posted By:  rude2ted on Sep 10,2008  
Got you in your H2H, 2-0 you. Dropped ya 1200 points as well. MNice work Bud, L8R, Ted
Comment Posted By:  Frogsdabomb89 on Apr 07,2008  
thats a lotta speakers man! very nice install! dropped you 1200 points. let me know what you think of mine when you get the chance :)
Comment Posted By:  jdela69 on Apr 07,2008  
Can really use some help in my h2h! Stop by and drop me a vote! Also i droped ya some nice points!
Comment Posted By:  bobjenkins1 on Mar 26,2008  
Love the Van. left points for ya. Check mine out. thanks.
Comment Posted By:  hispls on Mar 26,2008  
Nice amp collection! I need a van to fit all my gear in...
Comment Posted By:  edzy on Mar 25,2008  
That disconnects the amps power, via the solonoid. the rem signals the noid. That amp seems to draw current even when its off and I found the battery dead a few times, so its cheaper then a new amp. got that way after having "repairs". But now runs at 1 o
Comment Posted By:  zammarelli on Mar 25,2008  
why would you use that on a ground
Comment Posted By:  highwaymanace on Feb 19,2008  
Nice Van, good points for ya.
Comment Posted By:  wrldzmyn on Jan 20,2008  
Very nice love the setup left ya max points please chack mine when you have time
Comment Posted By:  rude2ted on Dec 09,2007  
Gotcha in your H2H, 4-3 you. Button was back up so dropped you 1200 points also. L8R, Ted
Comment Posted By:  edzy on Dec 08,2007  
thanks. for your vote.
Comment Posted By:  CustomToys on Dec 08,2007  
Hit you up on your h2h battle so far 1-1. I love Audis especially the RS4, but i gots to look out for my beyma riders. lol good luck
Comment Posted By:  CustomToys on Dec 06,2007  
That van is tough W6 and beyma's can't any better. Your the first person that i see that uses beyma's on this website other than me. I love EV's and Beyma they scream. rated your system out. check out my installs
Comment Posted By:  hunterwarren on Nov 08,2007  
that box is lookin good. =) g.l. in h2h
Comment Posted By:  edzy on Oct 28,2007  
Check out my new vid of it in action.
Comment Posted By:  edzy on Sep 03,2007  
Thanks guys.
Comment Posted By:  bangin12s on Aug 06,2007  
Dropped ya 1,200 for a job well done, Ron.
Comment Posted By:  bangin12s on Aug 06,2007  
Not a bad set up ya got goin. I got the 300/2v2, 1000/1v2 and two sets of the C5's in it's just a matter of time, more money and lot's of labor. I built other two systems and now I want ALL JL for the last one before I get married

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