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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource

1996 Chevrolet cavalier z24

LIVING LOUD ''MEMPHIS'', smithronnie123's
leavittsburg, OH US
Class: 3-4 |  Verified: YES |  Points: 69300 |  H2H Wins: 6 |  Rank: 6.7 |  Hits: 15297
Install Details
ronnie smith

kenwood 7'' screen tv,2 300w tweeters,2 100w tweeters,6 5 1/2 memphis mids,2 5 1/2 pioneer mids,2 pioneer 6-9's,4 15'' memphis m series woffers, line driver, 3 way crossover,1 1500d,1 st300w,1 st3004,1 st200w amp. optima red top battery, 5 fared cap.

hi,it has taking me about a year to complete this audio system in my z24. the hardest part of it, was deciding how i was going to get all this audio into it! it took a lot of plaining,and lots of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

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Comment Posted By:  nightwolf on May 10,2013  
great ride great points
Comment Posted By:  RampagesZ on Mar 24,2013  
Thanks Ronnie, points back at ya.
Comment Posted By:  highwaymanace on Feb 08,2013  
top points again for ya
Comment Posted By:  PhantomGTP on Nov 21,2012  
Left ya some points! Really like the install!
Comment Posted By:  Prynse1974 on Jun 04,2012  
I Got a new install, let me know what u think
Comment Posted By:  werewolftigermonkey on Jun 01,2012  
Love the Memphis!! I am working on a new install with 2 16-st150's (2001's) Dropped you some 10's Cheers!
Comment Posted By:  Prynse1974 on Apr 17,2012  
Sweet system, threw u hella points bro
Comment Posted By:  Donsway on Mar 19,2012  
Back at you:)
Comment Posted By:  packleader7272 on Feb 26,2012  
very nice great install car looks great
Comment Posted By:  Dzguyinsd619 on Oct 14,2011  
Sorry Bro....forgot to drop you some points this cycle so just did. tops as usual. Hit mine up when you have a chance.
Comment Posted By:  smithronnie123 on Jul 09,2011  
it's not bad! lol
Comment Posted By:  smfonic1 on Jun 23,2011  
Good looking system, what spl are you getting with those 15's? I'm think overall this system has got to seriously crank with the number of drivers you have.
Comment Posted By:  mfdvr07 on Jun 12,2011  
I'm going 2 take a shot in the dark & say that you've been 2 a REALLY,REALLY good concert like me & wanted that sound everyday 2 & from work or anywhere else u go.Some people don't mind it & smile or hate it all together;but I look forward to any drive I
Comment Posted By:  ericeric124 on Jun 03,2011  
The door panels are nice from what I can tell. I couldn't get a good look at them. Gave you some points, good install
Comment Posted By:  egy605 on May 08,2011  
Nice clean setup.. Two thumbs up
Comment Posted By:  RampagesZ on Apr 15,2011  
Thanks for the points man I appreciate it. Payed you back as well. I have not got all the pics up yet, so more to come.
Comment Posted By:  testman on Mar 12,2011  
Gave ya some points!
Comment Posted By:  Dtrom on Feb 18,2011  
Nice ride man. I have an 02 Cavalier ls and its bad! Love your install gave you great points.
Comment Posted By:  jhoward on Jan 24,2011  
Thanks for the vote!
Comment Posted By:  tobb14 on Jan 02,2011  
Man looks like a lot of doe was spent on this install on the amps alone big ups to you for staying with it as I know from experience this can be a very costly hobby

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