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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource

1997 Honda Accord

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Install Details

Pioneer head Unit 15" Sound Stream EGX-15 6.5 earthquakes up front 6x9's rockfords fosgates in the back 1 6x9 eclipse in the center boss c-700 amp jbl da4002 amp

I am not a Professional just a college student trying to be cool

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Just stock, i added some clear corner lights up front. I was thinking of getting some wheels but i rather put 600 in the system first.
 Photo Posted: Feb 18,2005   Photo Viewed: 930 NEXT PHOTO  
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Comment Posted By:  crazy01whitmore on Dec 03,2006  
Decent set up for what it is I got no prob with it but I left ya some nice pts so if ya get a sec hit me up wit some! Thankz
Comment Posted By:  syzkomike on Dec 02,2006  
Got my vote 3-1 you fosgate sold me, If ya get a sec rate mine. Thanks,
Comment Posted By:  soda on Apr 14,2006  
'sup man? any new improvements?
Comment Posted By:  RyanT on Nov 02,2005  
You have a great looking setup! Can't wait to see the updated photos.
Comment Posted By:  NiteScort on Jun 06,2005  
oops! forgot to rate you after our h2h! 800pts. :-)
Comment Posted By:  soda on Jun 03,2005  
whats up man? soundstream sub huh? well thats some good shiz right there. check out our new one when you get a chance would ya.
Comment Posted By:  jaboran on May 06,2005  
damn... soundstream is sooo sweet... good looking subs
Comment Posted By:  thrtyhz on May 06,2005  
I tried a tube for a box once. It sounded pretty good but it was sealed and shorter than yours
Comment Posted By:  MTXPRO2004 on May 06,2005  
Lookin good so far, Thanks for the comment!
Comment Posted By:  GucciThrwBack on May 02,2005  
That 6x9 would be cool to sit next to, also our subs look identical to each other,i want to hear the Sub
Comment Posted By:  Rhaze36 on Apr 29,2005  
Not bad for economy install,the only thing I see that needs the 6x9 but good points from me,check out my Madam Blue,it was built for economy as well.If ya wish to.
Comment Posted By:  UltraCake on Apr 27,2005  
thanx it is half finished
Comment Posted By:  shawnmneal on Apr 22,2005  
Good start, but in order to start wining your h2hs you have to pay a little more attention to detail....carpet, fix the wiring, etc. But like I said good start
Comment Posted By:  uniqueaccent on Apr 06,2005  
i like the center 6x9. yea your cars nice do you like the HU tho?
Comment Posted By:  soda on Mar 31,2005  
Hey man if you want to make that center 6x9 really sound you should enclose the back half of it. this way it won't take so much abuse from the sub behind it. Also it will play louder because it won't be playin into the trunk.
Comment Posted By:  soda on Mar 28,2005  
Our 56' may remind you of a taco bell commercial but at least our speakers are straight. better check your center 6x9 bro..
Comment Posted By:  honestabevsmrt on Mar 27,2005  
i totally hear the 'poor college student trying to be cool' deal. I like how you did the center 6x9. but looking at the armrest that covers it, i'd suggest a speaker grill to protect it
Comment Posted By:  MrKickerSolo on Mar 09,2005  
dude, as far as deck goes Alpine is above pioneer (my personal opinion) dont matter how cheap is the alpine be(i mean the cheapest models), it is still gonna be better than pioneer...=)
Comment Posted By:  sk84lyfe88 on Feb 27,2005  
Damn that sucks your eclipse stuff was stolen. Id be so heated i'd search every car for 100 miles around till i found it and then light the persons car on fire!! haha.. How does that eclipse 6x9 sound? i think im gunna get a pair!
Comment Posted By:  jaboran on Feb 19,2005  
it has potential.. clean up the wires

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