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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource

2003 Chevrolet full size

Emily's ride, soda's
San Diego, CA US
Class: 3-4 |  Verified: NO |  Points: 9840 |  H2H Wins: 5 |  Rank: 5.9 |  Hits: 8168
Install Details
Wired-up Custom Auto sound

4 15" JL W3,2 JL 100/1, 2 Jl 300/4, Jl xr650 csi, 2 8" W0, 2 stinger 800 batteries, pioneer deh-p6600, Stinger and Jl interconnects.

This ride is sik. She wanted 4 fifteens and room for the babies car seat. so this is what we came up with. Sadly the truck is no more. Three weeks after we finished it it was wrecked. total loss.

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rear seat entertainment
 Photo Posted: Mar 28,2005   Photo Viewed: 1112 NEXT PHOTO  
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Comment Posted By:  go'n'def on May 31,2007  
ems eyes look a bit suspect, is she drunk from the bass,lol. really nice man, have u seen the R/F install in the civic with subs in boot and four like that, race seat in cente,3 sets ofsplits up front,really nice install,carhas nos,everything.r8d u hi.
Comment Posted By:  go'n'def on Mar 17,2007  
rated your system, please rate mine....thanks
Comment Posted By:  billhofe128 on Mar 11,2007  
close battle bro
Comment Posted By:  jlwhite on Mar 04,2007  
all 10's here. stop by and check mine out.
Comment Posted By:  EMain@BA on Oct 19,2006  
I would love to listin to some rap in that seat. Lets call it the hot seat. OK babe.
Comment Posted By:  IrfaanH on Oct 10,2006  
Hehe lol looks like your h2h was won cause of tink i put in the winning points from me btw the detail..and the playboy bunny looks awsome...
Comment Posted By:  cjcorrea on Aug 21,2006  
Very nice set up. Check out my battles and please rate my car. Thanks.
Comment Posted By:  DjPrincessCutz on Mar 27,2006  
that seat is sweet. it fun to ride there huh?!
Comment Posted By:  highwaymanace on Mar 13,2006  
so cool.. good points from me.. check out mine sometime.. Daz
Comment Posted By:  mrwigglezdj on Dec 31,2005  
im in love.... lol
Comment Posted By:  OnYrMrk on Oct 27,2005  
HOLY CHIT SODA...once again you pull through! I hope Emily is pleased cause that is one tight install! All tens from me!
Comment Posted By:  paralo on Aug 18,2005  
Man I bet that was one hell of a build. How could I put a put a w7 under my rear seat??
Comment Posted By:  Shannon on Aug 17,2005  
I still cant get enough this one! I couldnt imagine being surrounded by four 15's and to be honest, ive never heard a 15 beside them passing by on the streets rattling license plates =P
Comment Posted By:  71buickfreak on Jul 15,2005  
I like that. I have wanted to do a similar design for long time, just haven't had the right vehicle. Thanks for using my kicks!
Comment Posted By:  Lindz on Jul 15,2005  
Wow, that looks pretty scary. Very original. I could think of about a dozen things to do in that seat :P
Comment Posted By:  soda on Jun 22,2005  
Don't know if we'll be redoing her new truck. She wants to go with 8 12's and 8 amps but doesn't wanna spend the money to do it. Go figure. She wants us to do it all pretty much for free..
Comment Posted By:  Daytona859 on Jun 21,2005  
What a waste. All that work to be wrecked three weeks later. I hope Emily was OK...
Do you plan on re-doing this design again sometime?
Comment Posted By:  spcdwayne on May 31,2005  
sweet man i love it,that playboy sign looks great.outstanding
Comment Posted By:  soda on May 31,2005  
and yes it is...
Comment Posted By:  soda on May 24,2005  
thanx bro.

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