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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource

1999 Ford Expidition

In Da' Weeds, soda's
San Diego, CA US
Class: 3-4 |  Verified: NO |  Points: 10910 |  H2H Wins: 11 |  Rank: 5.8 |  Hits: 6225
Install Details

Eclipse deck, 2 Jl 1000/1, 1 JL 450/4, 4 JL 18" W3, Alumapro "the cap", JL xr 5x7, 11 Monitors size 5.8 thru 15", Acelle dvd player, bags, Stinger and JL wiring and interconnects.

This was fun. The owner dosen't indulge in illegal things but he wanted a theme that people will remember. Think we nailed it?

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head unit
relocated head unit and ac controlls.
 Photo Posted: Mar 28,2005   Photo Viewed: 1043 NEXT PHOTO  
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Comment Posted By:  thegreatestpenn on Jul 10,2007  
nice concept, left you some points
Comment Posted By:  ydahsmils2001 on May 10,2006  
Really nice! Ranked you, voted for you, all the works! Check out my ride sometime!
Comment Posted By:  highwaymanace on Apr 14,2006  
1200 points again from me.. Daz
Comment Posted By:  xxwiredxx on Apr 11,2006  
Damn,I am like a dopefiend,I keep coming back here to check this ride out.I get my fix this way and it's even legal.GOOD TIMES!!! LOL!! Take care bro..
Comment Posted By:  DjPrincessCutz on Mar 27,2006  
dawg that shit is badass! on love!
Comment Posted By:  cybersoundsaudio on Mar 22,2006  
Sweet Again! All 10's from me.
Comment Posted By:  soda on Mar 09,2006  
why yes, yes i do.
Comment Posted By:  Fujative on Feb 28,2006  
very nice ride. all the shrubs look good. smoke buds
Comment Posted By:  BadaBoom on Dec 12,2005  
You are the master at Fiberglassing I see. Again 10's all the way across. Ok I lied I took some off because of the neon green fur,lol! But awesome non the less. Peace!
Comment Posted By:  NiteScort on Sep 25,2005  
16-14, focus ahead with 3 hrs to go. i cant figure how. no details, only 10 pics and its all so dark. people just dont know how to vote! GL man! hope you pull it off!
Comment Posted By:  xxwiredxx on Aug 08,2005  
I just voted for you soda,your leading 5 to 1 at this time.Good luck!! Later bro...
Comment Posted By:  71buickfreak on Jul 15,2005  
That's pretty slick. Come check out the finished monitor piece in the RSX
Comment Posted By:  kicker225 on Jul 15,2005  
That shit be crazy
Comment Posted By:  NRred2 on Jul 15,2005  
Keep the challenges coming, ill keep the votes coming!!!
Comment Posted By:  memphisman on Jul 14,2005  
Voted for you on the one against the 98 chevy. 2 to 2
Comment Posted By:  xclusive on Jul 14,2005  
Tight work. Who does your airbrush?
Comment Posted By:  memphisman on Jul 12,2005  
I just had to come back and check this ride out. I love it. My kind of ride. Think you can customize
Comment Posted By:  AlienAudio on Jun 28,2005  
My vote made it 16-15 in your favor. Damn, this one's close.
Comment Posted By:  soda on Jun 28,2005  
If ya think lookin at it gets ya high you should try riding in it. LMSAO!!
Comment Posted By:  soda on Jun 27,2005  
Thanx for all the kind words fellas.

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