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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource

1989 Mercedes-Benz 230 CE

Black hardtop, Def's
Tallinn, AL EE
Class: 1 |  Verified: NO |  Points: 40630 |  H2H Wins: 3 |  Rank: 5.5 |  Hits: 14317
Install Details
I'm (not proff)

McIntosh MX406, JBL GTP4, Prology DVD200, Astro-Win HT2008, Genesis Stereo 100, LA Bolt B2.300.2, DLS MS6+UP2.5+DUR1 + DLS UP36 x-over, DLS 0A12, Brax IPC 1F

Excuse for my wors English. Car - '89 MB 230CE, with -65mm (2.5") H&R springs, 8 J17" Dezent alloys. I has build 3-way pure passive system. For speakers I use Genesis, for sub - LA. Mid-woofers is mounted in floor. Subwoofer is an Open Air type. Car not done yet.. I hope I will finish at the one day (when I will have a firs place, not 2nd at the SQ competition :)) Thank you. Aleks aka Def

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With 2 Cups
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Comment Posted By:  smithronnie123 on Jan 04,2012  
gave ya good points! hit me back when you get a chance
Comment Posted By:  smithronnie123 on Sep 04,2010  
hi, gave ya good points on your ride! if ya get time rate my z24
Comment Posted By:  1BAD86VMAX on Apr 15,2007  
I rated yours so pleaseOnline Car Audio Competition Competitor
Comment Posted By:  Fdomestics on Jan 14,2007  
nicely done i would love to hear that it's hard to make those cars sound good top points
Comment Posted By:  fordfreak on May 13,2006  
Very nice work. great equipment. gave ya some good points
Comment Posted By:  Rhino on Jan 03,2006  
got all tens from me for another sweet install good luck rhino.....................................................................................................................................................
Comment Posted By:  punkroc719 on Dec 27,2005  
Dude you get all 10's from me. The build up picks and final product pics kick ass. Very clean all around.
Comment Posted By:  OnYrMrk on Nov 17,2005  
Well done on the H2H...your install sure is sweet
Comment Posted By:  flakko on Jul 16,2005  
oh man that is a HOT car... in a good way :).
Comment Posted By:  memphisman on Jul 14,2005  
This install is awesome. You customized your whole car. I bet that system sounds so sweet. Love how you designed it into the car. 10's for you!
Comment Posted By:  StreetRacinAzian on Jul 13,2005  
o wat is wrong w. me, i accepted it lol, you'll prob own me, but hey o well, i LOVE the McIntosh hu, and ur other components are just mind-blowing, good shiz man
Comment Posted By:  soda on Jun 09,2005  
well for not being a pro, you chose a difficult car to do. GOOD JOB so far keep it up man.
Comment Posted By:  AlienAudio on May 29,2005  
It's nice to see someone using a McIntosh Head unit... they aren't the best looking but the sound quality is second to none. very impressive install over all.
Comment Posted By:  Rhaze36 on May 22,2005  
Man your doing an excellent job on this I'll wait untill your finished though before I rate ya though,meanwhile if ya wish to check out my Madam Blue for the oldschool look.
Comment Posted By:  Def on May 19,2005  
sound installation is practically ready.. only, I'm looking for a 3way activ x-over for my 3 ay system
Comment Posted By:  nate4382000 on Apr 20,2005  
wow your really guttin that thing, looks good though. let me kno when its finished
Comment Posted By:  jaboran on Apr 20,2005  
got a lot going on in that car right now with the build and all... looks dusty as hell... keep chugging along.. it looks like it will be well worth it
Comment Posted By:  Rhaze36 on Apr 20,2005  
From what I see so far, this project is gonna be a good one, let me know when your finished I really would like to see it.

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