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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource

2000 Mitsubishi Galant

Homestead, FL US
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Install Details

JVC CD Player. Candence Components up front, stock 6X9 in rear deck for now, Power Acoustik 4 channel amp running the front speaks, Legacy (don't laugh it was free) amp powering bobo sub in a custom box.

I just recently got into car audio. Well when ever I've gotten a new car I've always changed the head unit and the door speakers but that's about it. Now I'm trying to design a complete audio system on a small budget. I just recently hooked up a sub and started building enclosures. I'm just learning but it's alot of fun. I want to see how good a system I can build on the smallest budget posible.

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Old set up
I started with just 1 amp and a sub. The chrome amp was just added.
 Photo Posted: May 12,2005   Photo Viewed: 1200 NEXT PHOTO  
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Comment Posted By:  NiteScort on May 27,2005  
bah. i just rated you good. you love car audio and do good work. what else is it all about? the equipment doesnt need to be top-o-the-line. the fact that its yours and you installed it is all that counts
Comment Posted By:  jack10525 on May 23,2005  
Hahaha. Thanks for all the comments. I'm really not trying to impress anyone with my equipment. I know it's shit but I am a cheap bastard. I got the legacy amp free and I just wanted to see how it would sound with a sub. The sub is a dual and cost like 25
Comment Posted By:  everlasting289 on May 19,2005  
Yea looks like you hit the same trouble I did. In the middle of doing my box. But it sagged a bit when I did my first layer and is a bit off with the car. Still looks shit loads better than that Q logic I had in there.
Comment Posted By:  riva16 on May 19,2005  
I never seen the custom box... Pretty cool. Needs to fit tighter with the car though. I was judging based on the Q-logic box.
Comment Posted By:  lilman1369 on May 16,2005  
oh yeah and nice setup nice and clean
Comment Posted By:  lilman1369 on May 16,2005  
i aint had alot of experience with legecy but i here that they are highly over rated but shit i will geruente you that it puts out more power than any one of my amps
Comment Posted By:  stylnul0506 on May 14,2005  
here are my final words on this install, the box is awesome, i dont think the subs even have a specified volume, but it is low-end, although, its better to run your bass off ANY sub rather than reg. speakers
Comment Posted By:  korndog on May 14,2005  
you guys bash the hardware and don't compliment the the install? i think the install looks great, the sub/amp are low-end, but with such a good box, it probably sounds pretty good. good job man
Comment Posted By:  riva16 on May 13,2005  
I'm just gonna say thats some junk shit. No offense. Just spittin the truth. Lose the DUAL sub... Replace the Legacy amp later.
Comment Posted By:  Nova on May 13,2005  
Im not going to say ne thing but DUAL!
Comment Posted By:  stylnul0506 on May 13,2005  
bobo sub? it look like the DUAL brand sub.
Comment Posted By:  stylnul0506 on May 13,2005  
and you also accepted the other challenge from the jl guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????????????
Comment Posted By:  stylnul0506 on May 13,2005  
why da hell did you accept a 2000 point wager???????????????????????????????????????????????????
Comment Posted By:  UltraCake on May 13,2005  
i really like the enclosure
Comment Posted By:  jaboran on May 12,2005  
nice system on a budget... nice enclosure.. spending the time on that box looks like it was well worth it.. i bet yer squeezing out some better performance from that sub/amp combo now
Comment Posted By:  stylnul0506 on May 12,2005  
i especially like the enclosure for sure, i wanna get some fiberglass in my bucket. the legacy amp is good, ESPECIALLY because it was free. alright sub.
Comment Posted By:  v8musclecobra on May 12,2005  
nice job on the custom box. looks wqy better then that other box just sitten there.

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