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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource

1995 Lexus ES300

Alternator Terminator, mtxpro2006's
Navarre, FL US
Class: 1 |  Verified: YES |  Points: 20380 |  H2H Wins: 1 |  Rank: 5.4 |  Hits: 6181
Install Details
Josh Crager

Ok, Pioneer Dehp860mp deck, feeding signal to an MTA thunder 564 4 channel for the highs, a soundstream SA-80 for the 10" MTX 8000 sub, and alpine s-type components in front, R-TYPE coaxials in back.

Ok, here is a basic clean all hidden stealth install, minus the headunit, youd never know anything was in here.The ALPINE S-TYPE components are in the front factory locations, R-TYPE 6x9's in the rear, Mtx thunder8000 10" in the factory "ski chute" and all amplification tucked nicely under the rear package tray.. Simple....Clean..Functional- and it sounds grrrrreat too!

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Movin on up....
YEA!! CHRIS GOT RID OF HIS FORD "EXPLODER" AND GOT A LEXUS!! ( However, for those curious about the name, i went with him to BUY this car, had several buddies of mine that WORK at LEXUS look it over, he got it, everything was GREAT, and 34 miles later the alternator DIED. we replaced it , the NEW one was bad. on the 3rd alternator now, and its all good!!)
 Photo Posted: Jun 18,2005   Photo Viewed: 1985 NEXT PHOTO  
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Comment Posted By:  Luther on Jan 18,2007  
Stopped by and checked out your stealth ride! We have a similar goal - top sounds without too much being visiable. I voted you up with top points, come check mine and and throw some points back please.
Comment Posted By:  MotoJustin on Nov 14,2006  
oh yea and i voted for you and dropped you some points
Comment Posted By:  MotoJustin on Nov 14,2006  
the sub between the seats in the back is an aweseom idea. dope car.
Comment Posted By:  chochbeater on Sep 13,2005  
yo how do you get acess to the rear shelf speakers? and doesnt the sub sound shitty when its in that position? mine did.
Comment Posted By:  StreetRacinAzian on Jul 03,2005  
ah man, did u ever win taht h2h w. taht one uncertified car? jw cuz its been a whiel back lol, any new ideas or any new projects comin up man?
Comment Posted By:  StreetRacinAzian on Jun 29,2005  
6 and 5 man, come on few more votes and u can take taht guy!!!
Comment Posted By:  StreetRacinAzian on Jun 21,2005  
ah man, im terrified when i have a h2h w. u lol, your stuff is sooo amazing, yet sum how i just risk it! anyway good luck man and i liek ur stuff
Comment Posted By:  NiteScort on Jun 21,2005  
Scotty! we need....more...power!

I kin na giv ya any more captain! tha Escorts goin don en flames!

Eject the.....warp amplifier Scotty!

theres to much distortion captain!....EAAARRRRGGGGGHHHH!
Comment Posted By:  MTXPRO2004 on Jun 21,2005  
Nope, Riva's right, its a 5500, but as far as power handling goes, all thats pushing it is 1 old a$$ soundsteram sa80!
Comment Posted By:  riva16 on Jun 21,2005  
No, that sub looks like a 5500. Still a damn good sub, just doesn't hold as much power as 7500.
Comment Posted By:  Dankman on Jun 20,2005  
What MTX sub is that a 7500, looks like a clean setup to me, good job.
Comment Posted By:  elz on Jun 20,2005  
It looks good as new for a 95..I would of done the same, but more thump..hehe..nice job man
Comment Posted By:  JustinKukuc on Jun 20,2005  
SMOKIN' Everyone in your H2H's...Looking good.....just rated ya all 10's...800 big ones from me. Catch ya later
Comment Posted By:  Rhaze36 on Jun 20,2005  
your up 7-2 in case ya want ta know
Comment Posted By:  bangin12s on Jun 19,2005  
Looks like a clean install. Did you install a fan to blow on them amps?? Without a fan the amps are in the perfect location to over heat. Heat rises and their mounted high...
Comment Posted By:  Rhaze36 on Jun 18,2005  
What can I say? when ya good ya good!!!
Comment Posted By:  jaboran on Jun 18,2005  
nice.... dunno bout mounting amps upside down like that.. heh.. but it works and is very "stealthy" ... like the setup..
Comment Posted By:  sdempsey on Jun 18,2005  
Nice clean install, however the amps may end up cooking themselves if they stay in that spot...not the greatest for heat dissipation.
Comment Posted By:  AlienAudio on Jun 18,2005  
Looks good man... nice simple, clean install. I've always liked that model of Lexus... has a nice interior. I like the amp under the back deck thing. I'm strongly considering mounting my sub amp under the back deck. I'm just not sure though.
Comment Posted By:  soda on Jun 18,2005  
Well what the hell were you doin up at 1:30 am postin shiz? LMAO! How you doin bro? THis one is lookin good so far, but thats what we come to expect from your work. Check out my h2h's when you get a chance.

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