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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource

2001 Toyota Camry

Mobile 5.1 Surround , hispls's
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Install Details

Jensen VM9412 DVD HU, 2X 15" TC 2000 powered by Stetsom 7Kd, Fronts: Boston Pro 6.53 (using Mpyre midbass') rears: 6.5" Kove Midbass, 2 pr. 4.5" Kove coaxials. Powered by Zed Leviathan center: 2X Aurasound "whisper" and 1" tweet. (Zed Hollywood 50)

The transmission in this Toyota crapped out. Not really happy with the car overall so I picked up the Jeep which is accoustically superior and much better for my travels up north.

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2001 camry
Damn I miss driving a Lincoln :o( You take the bitter with the sweet sometimes, so I'm making the most of it.
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Comment Posted By:  hispls on Nov 18,2009  
Yeah, the guy who came in third had about 20K into audio video + performance + cosmetic. Actually a beautiful Escalade...I think he took a high prize in the "looks" category.
Comment Posted By:  pumpkinman on Nov 15,2009  
LOL good numbers.i was loling cause of what you said about big dollars in them.i beat a full wall of RE- Audios 15s.with two 12s
Comment Posted By:  hispls on Oct 22,2008  
My Camry is US built....unfortunately, it's not half as reliable as the Japanese built ones that people I know have owned :o( We've really screwed the pooch with manufacturing here.
Comment Posted By:  Brownie on Aug 21,2008  
Great gallery , lots of info like reading a story!! Got to love the old classic "built to last" made in the USA amps! Hey! Wait a minute! Toyota doesn't sound american made to me!
Comment Posted By:  MobileAudio25 on Apr 28,2008  
someone tried to break into the car one night while i was at work... 300 as the damage cost. Just more, and more setbacks...
Comment Posted By:  edzy on Mar 28,2008  
Very nice install. I like the seat mods for the speakers. I feel ya, Its tough to hack a good car part.
Comment Posted By:  gstelectric on Mar 24,2008  
Thanks for the comments! Nice job on your installation.
Comment Posted By:  MobileAudio25 on Mar 24,2008  
Have some newer pictures of the ride uploaded... and to add to your previous post, You need a full Size astro van. that would be nice.
Comment Posted By:  hispls on Mar 21,2008  
Currently 12 Zed amps. 4X Lanzar 500.2, 4X Miniliths (sold one), 1x Zed made Boss, 1x Deuce, 2x USX 1000F. Damn I need a bigger car....
Comment Posted By:  Frogsdabomb89 on Mar 14,2008  
dang real great setup! how many amps you got overall? yea that lanzar is whack! you should plexi the front and leave the interior exposed. great overall system! gave top points for everything. check out mine if you get the chance :)
Comment Posted By:  walkout on Feb 25,2008  
ive only heard a set of 10" tc subs. but they hit hard, so i wouldn't doubt that these things will kill. great install
Comment Posted By:  MobileAudio25 on Jan 31,2008  
sorry was cut off. Ill get the max trunk demensions for you tonight but there isnt any hurry at all. Is 275 for a 200 amp alt too much? btw i got about 400 off the paint job. The guy was really cool. I wish the flakes would show up like they do in person
Comment Posted By:  MobileAudio25 on Jan 31,2008  
Its really coming along as expected. Ill tell you what that was the best $661 ive spent my whole life. The rims will be going on here in about a week or so. Were going to get some bad weather. then ill buy the woofers! do you mind helping me build a box (
Comment Posted By:  wrldzmyn on Jan 22,2008  
nice i rated all your stuff, keep up the nice work, chack mine when you get a chance, thank you also for the info in the forums...
Comment Posted By:  BringDaBoom on Jan 11,2008  
Nice work and setup. Left ya some points. Check mine out when you get a chance. Peace. - Frank
Comment Posted By:  2rgrbn on Dec 19,2007  
Fed Ex has it is supposed to get here by the and of the week.
Comment Posted By:  2rgrbn on Dec 12,2007  
I bought that big US Amps 800 I don't know much about it but I think you probably do a little help please 1200 while I'm here
Comment Posted By:  trentg918 on Dec 03,2007  
hey man i like all tha kicker stuff you got check out my truck!!! dropped u some points
Comment Posted By:  MobileAudio25 on Oct 22,2007  
Im Jealous. Rear Seats look GREAT! Going all american on my next car (this december) did you buy a lanzar from the site. Found a 1000.1 for a good deal somewhere else proally getting it. Itll sit around for a bit but ehh... ill have it. INSTALL LOOKS
Comment Posted By:  Pioneer~Saturn on Oct 22,2007  
TONS of pics added to the 18's enclosure build log. Check it in general discussion. Thanks, Peace

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