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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource

1984 Holden vk commodore

the brocky, albcars's
Albany, AB AU
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Install Details
rob webb

alpine IVA-D300E touch screen HU, 2 sets of DDlinnear alpine splits, 4 alpine s type subs, 2xmrd501 runnig subs mrv-f540 runng splits .custom sub boxes

I don't know if you've ever seen the marlboro racing car but we have painted this one the same but with alpine instead of marlboro it was supposed to be a project car but it got finished alot quicker than we thought.5Litre motor with holly 650 double pump carb 35/75 cam flattop pistons oversize valves shaved heads ported and polished inlet manifold extractors 2.5 inch exhaust 220 hp at the wheels

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the front of the car
 Photo Posted: Jul 13,2005   Photo Viewed: 1071 NEXT PHOTO  
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Comment Posted By:  highwaymanace on Oct 18,2006  
1200 points,, timed well at putting up the install.. nice tribute to the King of the mountain.. R.I.P. Peter!.. great to se more Aussies on here!.. Daz
Comment Posted By:  hamishtony on Sep 14,2006  
hey emma:),i neva new the vk brook had some checkered plateing interior!il give ya all 10s from me,be sure to rate my car stereo if ya havnt seen it already:)
Comment Posted By:  cjcorrea on Sep 08,2006  
very nice set up. sweet.
Comment Posted By:  frpower on Aug 21,2006  
Your welcome emma,you and your family do some really nice work,awsome looking installs,take care and keep up the great work.
Comment Posted By:  manuel92 on Aug 21,2006  
good points for you,nice ride you got there,keep up the good work..
Comment Posted By:  albcars on Aug 21,2006  
sorry it took so long but they are sws-1222D alpine 12" subbys and they retail over here on special for $219.00 but that austrailian dollars so yeh.
Comment Posted By:  deadrave on Jul 28,2006  
no the reason she didnt pay much for em was b/c all she had to do was get on her knees, open her mouth & close her eyes, then swallow about 20 seconds later.
Comment Posted By:  soda on Apr 14,2006  
just had to come back and look at this one again. droped you some good points. i like the online store aswell. keep up the good work.
Comment Posted By:  Pioneer~Saturn on Mar 27,2006  
Love the system, gave ya good points. Check out mine sumtime. And dude, she probly didnt pay much for um, her parents own a car audio shop....
Comment Posted By:  nateg3596 on Jan 14,2006  
hey was up i was wondering wat kind of subs are those? i know they r s type alpines but wat is the model?...and how much did they cost u?
Comment Posted By:  primy on Aug 27,2005  
why did u put the twiters in door, thats big mistake if u compite in SQ
Comment Posted By:  ranmansnaple on Aug 20,2005  
wow thats pretty sick i like the brand i rated you good check out mine
Comment Posted By:  soda on Aug 15,2005  
Xtremely tight install. i like it a lot. not too over the top but done up very clean. Check out mine if you like. you got high points from me.
Comment Posted By:  DriveBy on Aug 14,2005  
Really well done, not OTT and nicely integrated. Think your buisness has a bright future if you keep serving up specials like that.
Comment Posted By:  bogandavo on Aug 02,2005  
Comment Posted By:  switchmaster on Jul 18,2005  
this hit pretty good and have held up to anything that i put at them. the best subs i have used so far!
Comment Posted By:  albcars on Jul 18,2005  
13.5 Q/MILE
Comment Posted By:  y2p1988 on Jul 15,2005  
what she run in the 1/4
Comment Posted By:  madjace on Jul 14,2005  
good to see another aussie in here car looks great
Comment Posted By:  Lindz on Jul 14,2005  
Seems like alot of power for the type s... would be nice to see some type r or even type x. Could use a bit more description on the rest of the system. Very intimidating though, nice job.

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