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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource
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Car Stereo is the #1 Car Audio Online Resource

1983 Holden COMMODORE

wide basin, bogandavo's
1, AL AU
Class: 1 |  Verified: YES |  Points: 20760 |  H2H Wins: 2 |  Rank: 6.6 |  Hits: 12879
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 Photo Posted: Aug 02,2005   Photo Viewed: 1758 NEXT PHOTO  
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Comment Posted By:  larrypeters86 on Jun 26,2008  
Does anyone realize that this guy hasn't logged in since 06????? HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment Posted By:  Frogsdabomb89 on Mar 03,2008  
verry sweet install! 10's don the line! check min out when you have time :)
Comment Posted By:  the14u36 on Jul 22,2007  
thats a kewl setup gave ya 1200 points
Comment Posted By:  go'n'def on Apr 24,2007  
73 to 43 in my h2hs, i have 2 goin and im gettin rorted could you check em out and vote for me please. got you omn yours when you ask in the future...thank you very much,,,,,ps, a rating would be great aswell..later............BRADLEY
Comment Posted By:  jackdaniels1988 on Oct 15,2006  
left you some good points. rate me back if you would
Comment Posted By:  BigEars on Oct 12,2006  
NEED TO BE RATEDOnline Car Audio Competition Competitor
Comment Posted By:  fastfly84 on Sep 21,2006  
nice.....hooked you up with some points....check me out and hook me up
Comment Posted By:  billhofe128 on Sep 14,2006  
check out mine and rate please left ya good points
Comment Posted By:  cjcorrea on Sep 06,2006  
Check out my battle. Thanks.
Comment Posted By:  Tyson99 on Aug 26,2006  
damn it it didnt work...woulda bin hella funny if it did tho damn
Comment Posted By:  Tyson99 on Aug 26,2006  
heres somthin for those sony 6x9s [IMG][/IMG]
Comment Posted By:  BigEars on Aug 25,2006  
made some new stuff - check it out on my last few pages Online Car Audio Co</font></td>





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Comment Posted By:  bangin12s on Aug 02,2006  
I take it NOS means Not On Spray!!!! Looks like it sounds Ok. Rated ya too, Ron.
Comment Posted By:  H8er on Aug 01,2006  
This is the absolute BEST setup I have seen yet!...... Well by BEST I mean horible but you get the point.
Comment Posted By:  GraveRobber on Jul 30,2006  
omg... there should be a super pro judge that can bring ratings down to a more suitable level if they get too high...
Comment Posted By:  romvans on Jul 29,2006  
why the hell is this install sitting in 1st place??? what's going on fellas????!!!
Comment Posted By:  deadrave on Jul 28,2006  
dude. just to let you know... your queer and a stupid old man. i really hope that if u get close to first position and they go to give u things, they see how old and creepy u r u pedifile...
Comment Posted By:  Pioneer~Saturn on Jul 26,2006  
Comment Posted By:  DoubleE on Jul 23,2006  
If we all just go to every pc that we can get our hands on and
Comment Posted By:  DoubleE on Jul 23,2006  
I cant stand seeing this install on the home page as one of the top ranking installs for the site. this shitty install sucks the the balls of a dying rhinosaurus that has the ebolia virus.

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